June 18, 2019

Greitens Prosecutor's PI Indicted

Timothy Birdnow

William Tisaby, the former lead investigator for St. Louis District Attorney Kim Gardner in her successful witchunt to bag Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, has been indicted for perjury.

According to the Kansas City Star:

William Don Tisaby, 66, a private investigator, was hired by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner to assist in a probe following allegations that Greitens took a partially nude photograph of a woman without her consent while they were having an affair in 2015. The woman was allegedly bound and blindfolded when the photo was taken, and she says he threatened to release it if she ever spoke about the affair.

Gardner charged Greitens with invasion of privacy.

But the charge was dropped when Greitens’ defense team accused Tisaby of perjury and said it planned to call Gardner at trial as a witness.

Tisaby was hired and payed with public funds despite the fact that Gardner had full access to St. Louis police detectives. She didn't want a public paper trail of what she was doing. Tisaby withheld evidence, altered testimony, and perjured himself in court. He was just the tip of the iceberg.

The article continues:

Under oath, Tisaby maintained that he had not taken notes during an interview of the alleged victim, nor asked her substantive questions. A video of the interview, which Gardner claimed did not exist due to malfunctioning equipment, showed otherwise when it was handed over by Gardner’s office the day before Greitens’ lawyers sought to compel Gardner to produce the video in court.

During his deposition, Tisaby said he would return to his hotel room over a two-hour lunch break to check his laptop for notes and reports. Upon returning, he first said he checked his laptop, then he said he didn’t have his laptop.

He also stated he did not talk to Gardner during the break. However, over the course of at least seven phone calls, including conference calls with others, the two were on the phone for at least 34 minutes of the two-hour lunch break, according to the indictment.

Kim Gardner herself was on a vendetta to take out Greitens, who was certainly pervy but not guilty of any crime. In fact, the whole case rested on a picture of the woman Greitens was accused of illicitly photographing, and it turned out the Prosecution did not have any such photo. But it didn't stop Gardner from pushing forward - and not telling the defense in Discovery. Gardner personally met with the "victim" who had been having an ext extra-marital affair with then candidate Greitens, to convince the woman to cooperate in charging the Republican Governor. They met in a sleazy motel in Illinois to discuss the case, in violation of ethical and legal standards.

Governor Greitens, faced with impeachment by his own party, resigned from office. He had an agreement that he would resign and in return would not pursue any sorts of ethics charges against the prosecturor. But nothing was said about Tisaby.

I wrote about the gross legal violations of the Dlistrict Attorney and her stooge at American Thinker at the time. See here for the article.

While Greitens may be restricted in going after Gardner, there is no reason why another prosecutor - or a grand jury - can't. Gardner belongs in prison. She ran because she was angry black criminals were going to jail, and she was one of George Soros' Prosecuting Attorneys Project beneficiaries.

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