April 14, 2016

Greenlandic Ice Melt caused by Geothermal Activity

Timothy Birdnow

I've argued in the past that the polar ice sheets that the Gang Green-ous Global Warming hysterics point to as "proof" that we are experiencing unprecedented planetary warming caused entirely by industrial emissions of carbon dioxide are really melting because of geothermal activity. It makes no sense otherwise; the warming is IN THE IAR if it is caused by AGW, and as such any melting would be surface-first, or at best you may have some melting starting under the floating ice in the Antarctic or along the coasts - not melting of the big glaciers on the land. Yet that is what we have witnessed, and in fact a "ring of fire" was discovered under the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, which explains why the sheet has been shrinking while it's brother in eastern Antarctica has been growing. This while sea ice in the Antarctic has been growing as well (and there is no logic to "warm currents" in the Antarctic as a cold circumpolar current keeps the continent from enjoying a warming ocean with the exceptions of some minor warming along the Antarctic Peninsula.) The Gang Green has turned their attentions to the Arctic, since Antarctica has not cooperated, and there is a continual drumbeat about thin pack ice and about shrinking glaciation in Greenland. Well...

Here she blows!

From the article:

"BERLIN: Greenland sits over an area of abnormally hot mantle material that drives a widespread melting beneath the ice sheet and rapid ice flow over a distance of several hundred kilometres, a new study has found.

Greenland's lithosphere has hot depths which originate in its distant geological past and cause the island's ice to rapidly flow and melt from below.

An anomaly zone crosses Greenland from west to east where present-day flow of heat from the Earth's interior is elevated.

With this anomaly, researchers from GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) could explain observations from radar and ice core drilling data that indicate a widespread melting beneath the ice sheet and increased sliding at the base of the ice that drives the rapid ice flow over a distance of 750 kilometres from the summit area of the Greenland ice sheet to the North Atlantic Ocean."

End excerpt.

That's right; Greenlandic ice melt is caused by geothermal activity and not carbon dioxide emissions.

It was discovered in 2013 that there was an enormous canyon in Greenland buried beneath the ice, something suggestive of a volcanic place. We know that Iceland, a scant 752 miles away, and Iceland is tremendously volcanic. We know that you don't really find a single volcano but rather there are parts of the Earth that are volcanic and there are Shields, places where no volcanism is found. The idea that Greenlandic melt is caused by volcanoes is perfectly logical.

But don't expect this to get much media attention; the Global Warming debate was supposed to have been won by the year 2000 and an international regime was to have been put into place to regulate industrial emissions and redistribute wealth. It didn't happen, but those who stand to profit by it (and that includes many climatologists who would be forced back into obscurity should the Global Warming bandwagon suffer a flat tire - and all the money dry up) are going along as if they had never lost the argument. Increasingly they resemble the Iraqi Information Minister who claimed to journalists in Baghdad during the U.S. invasion that the Americans had been driven back to the border, even as bombs fell and the sound of funfire could be heard just a couple of miles away.

It's become a complete denial of reality.

Liberals don't like the concept of God, and they prefer to place themselves at the godhead. It comes as no surprise that people who are their own god refuse to believe in reality. We are seeing the fruits of this here.

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1 amazing post indeed

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