December 22, 2015

GOP Failed America

Bill Been


A conservative article published after the approval of the Omnibus Bill discussed the shame of the GOP seeking Democrat votes to accomplish approval. However, upon inspection of the Roll Call votes, it is apparent that the shame goes even deeper than simply using Democrat support.

Paul Ryan and the Republican House actually prepared, submitted, and approved a Democrat bill while presiding over the process with a huge GOP majority. This bill was not a Republican bill as indicated in the split of votes by political party. The bill was approved by 90% of the Democrat House members and 85% of the Senate Democrats while only 61% of the House GOP and 50% of the Senate GOP voted for what is undoubtably one of the worst monstrosities in USA history. It could have passed with only 52 Republicans in the House and 13 Republicans in the Senate!!!! IT IS A DEMOCRAT BILL!!!!

Please think about what has been done! The minority party and their Progressive allies celebrate approval of a bill that had weak support from the majority party. How sick is that?! Even worse, the majority party is also celebrating their "bipartisan” accomplishment as a demonstration of government working. That is delusional and a direct insult to every rank-and-file Republican who have supported the GOP with time, money, and even prayers.

We have a presidential campaign in progress. The candidates are now in the position of either supporting this atrocity or chastising their own majority congressional delegation. Given the stakes of the 2016 election, this may be the ultimate disaster created by the feckless leadership of the Establishment Republican Party. It appears that saving our country is secondary to the self-serving leadership of the Republican Party.

In conclusion, consider that the future of our country is being jeopardized by this total sellout by the political party that is the only political group that can save America from the completion of the Obama/Socialist transformation. Last, consider whether this is another of the despicable attempts by Establishment Republicans to stop the Trump-Cruz effort to take back and restore America. Not only do I believe it is critical that these two candidates be elected in 2016 but it may be critical to surviving the expected onslaught from the left during 2016. Obama will attempt to finish his transformation while Soros-led groups activate to preserve their long sought-after objective of a permanent leftist government as envisioned by Cloward and Piven many years ago.

William E. Been

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