March 28, 2023

God Blesses the Pure of Heart

Timothy Birdnow

More of my argument with Sherrie Mathieson

Sherrie says:

Tell that to the independent voters. They are who you must convince.

I reply:

Sherrie Matheison you continue to believe that the media will continue this hand-off approach to DeSantis. He's going to look like the love child between Adolf Hitler and Lizzy Borden, but not as kindly as either. How do you plan to convince the independent voter when this guy will be portrayed as Satan in the flesh? Trump at least has already gone through it and the attacks are stale.

And by running now we lose DeSantis for later. He's a hole card we should keep in our hand.

He also needs a bit more seasoning. We need to know for sure he is the real deal too - something we've been suckered on with multiple Republicans over the years. (Just look at John Boehner, who was a lion of conservative values until he became Squeeker of the House, then he turned into a mouse that didn't roar.)

Trump won more votes in '20 than any other candidate in history. (Biden won more ballots.) I think that alone says a lot about his electability.

DeSantis has not been tested at a national level. DeSantis also has been getting a lot of money from the big-moneyed donor lobby, you know, the guys who want amnesty for illegal aliens and Green Tech and the rest. They are going to want to be paid back for that cash. So DeSantis either cheats them or he cheats us. He has limited options.

You know who he will cheat.

This is not to say the man is a weasel or anything else, but he has opposing demands being made on him and he won't be able to fulfill them to everyone's satisfaction. He'll go with the money, as every other GOP politician has for decades. We don't need the third term of George W. Bush.

Are your independent voters worth an amnesty? An electric vehhicle mandate? Business as usual with China? The continued hollowing out of the American economy? That is probably what we'll get with DeSantis, unless he screws his donors. I doubt he will.

And even then those precious independents are not all that likely to vote for a guy they believe would sell his mother to a sex trafficker, which is what DeSantis will look like to them - unless the media takes it easy, and then we KNOW we are in big trouble.

I believe these independent voters are easily led, and hold no strong core values. They can be won back to Trump. I furthermore argue that the public loves acrimony and fighting, even if they tell pollsters they do not. There is a reason why Jerry Springer was so successful. That is why Bill Clinton was so successful too; the public loved his fighting spirit and the soap opera that ws his Presidency. I think Trump has ever prospect of winning in the general if he runs - and the vote is fair. (Of course unfair voting would hurt DeSantis, or Haley or any other Republican just as much.)

Sherrie, you and I just disagree on this. I get your point, and it worries me too. But we've been suckered by the media into accepting "electable" candidates in the past and have either lost or "won" a pyrric victory. Bush hollowed out the GOP in my opinion; he was a terrible President. He gave us numerous liberty-killing programs and projects. He gave us the green energy scam. He gave us the Patriot Act and the NSA Prism program. The weaponization of national security started under Bush. And he ruined the Republican brand. Another Bush and we may as well close up shop.

That is the kind of Republican the media likes, even while they were claling him Hitler. We don't need the Rove wing back in power. DeSantis is clearly being courted by them. How far he goes is anybody's guess, but it's certain he will not be a reformer in the fashion America needs at this point.

Sometimes it's better to act out of conscience and integrity than to vote purely strategically. I would argue G-D blesses the pure of heart. And He has always blessed America when she is pure of heart. Worrying about the whims of rudderless independents is, in my mind, worrying about the vapors of the morning. The heat of the sun will burn them away.

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