February 21, 2021

Global Warming Gone

Timothy Birdnow

Gobal Warming? What Global Warming!

From Scott Rose

The global temperature is very close to baseline. The GFS has recorded global temperatures as low as -0.1 c recently and has currently recovered to +0.2c. The UAH is sitting at +0.12c. What I wanted to bring up today is that for all practical purposes, there is no global warming. The entire multi decadal trend has already been reversed. Why? We are within the tolerance of most weather instruments. Let me explain. I’ve put 2 of the exact same sensor, of the same battery type, in the same instrument shelter in the same place. Sometimes they match... like the low temp last night. Currently at the time of this post they a 0.2 deg F apart. Earlier today, I found them to be 0.8 deg F apart. Depending on the situation, this means that if I’m rounding to the nearest degree, I may get 2 results 1 deg F apart even within the same instrument shelter if I round to a whole number. For instance, if one is 14.6, and the other is 14.4, I will record a completely different temperature. Considering this situation, I suspect that we might be able to perhaps measure 1/2 a degree C fairly accurately best case, with some inaccurate readings most likely due to rounding. Making huge public policy decisions based on tenths of a degree c is ridiculous. A few tenths of a degree on the global temperature is the least of our concerns. Knowing about regional weather patterns is way more important. For instance, knowing that a La Niña (cold tropical Pacific) means arctic air heading further south in the winter could have saved a lot of issues from happening in Texas. Or knowing a La Niña year means a busy Atlantic Hurricane season can have folks better prepared in advance. Nobody lives at the global average.

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1 That last statement is very important and deserves much consideration. Of course, it will be ignored by the Warmiacs, who ignore anything that doesn't support their agenda.

Pay particular attention to the fact that two "identical" sensors, placed in close proximity to each other in a controlled environment, will not necessarily record the same temperature. That shows what sort of thing we are dealing with. And the Warmiacs believe they can predict future temperatures? Phooey!

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at February 23, 2021 11:56 AM (A0QQk)


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