December 28, 2016

Give California What they Want

Timothy Birdnow

A number of Calexifornians are bellyaching about the Mexican beans and bad water, er, the disagreeable nature of American Constitutionalism and want a Calexit. As was pointed out today at Gateway Pundit they will never do it and face losing the subsidies they receive to pay their entitlements and union pension debts. This gives me an idea...

San Francisco and other "sanctury" cities are playing brinksmanship with The Donald, threatening to go to the mat and daring Trump to do anything. What Trump should do is say "fine, you want to be a sanctuary city you can be one" and then round up all illegals and deport them to, drumroll please! San Francisco!

If they want them why not give them the whole basketful! Send all the "refugees", the "Dreamers", the illegal laborers and whatnot and promise not to arrest them inside of the city limits of these brave municipalities. Then cut off funding and what the cries of desperation as California goes bankrupt.

Oh, they'll raise holy hell, but the old saying "be careful what you wish for' will be proven correct; they ASKED for it, didn't they?

You may say I'm a DREAMER...

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