July 29, 2019

German Gang Green wants to Ban Domestic Air Travel

Timothy Birdnow

German Environmentalists - the true Gang Green - want to ban all domestic flights in Germany by 2035.

From Euractive.com

Germany’s Greens plan to make domestic flights ‘largely obsolete’ by 2035. To this end, they want to introduce a tax on kerosene and gradually increase rail traffic. The EU, however, is far from finding a solution on how to tax air travel. EURACTIV Germany reports.

There should be no flight bans, but strong incentives for rail traffic, according to a paper of the Greens’ parliamentary group in the Bundestag, which has been quoted by the Bavarian newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The paper is calling for increased train frequency, more reliable journey times, cheaper tickets and good wifi coverage. These objectives should "ensure that rail travel becomes so attractive in the next 25 years that domestic flights are no longer worthwhile.”

To achieve this goal, the German railway system Deutsche Bahn (DB), which is entirely government-owned, is to receive €3 billion annually.
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To compete with domestic lights, travel time between as many destinations as possible and to neighbouring countries should be reduced to "a maximum of four hours”. A "European night train network” should also be re-introduced in the long term.

Railroads are nineteenth century technology and are too slow to be of much help. And being ground based they are apt to hit things - cattle, cars, and people. Moving civilization backward in this fashion is monumentally stupid, but it is exactly what the utopians in the environmental movement want. They think there was some sort of primitive paradise that industrialism destroyed. No. In fact, life was hard; brutal and short. We are now living in the paradise, not the other way around. Western children are so spoiled they think what has been a wonder for them and lead to people in under-developed places desperately seeking to get into Western countries is in fact some burden. They have to borrow troubles, because in their hearts they know life is too easy and too prosperous and they want to feel like they are fighting the good fight.

Human beings have a need for a challenge. In the past that was often warfare, but there were others, if only the hardness of dailylife. Now we don't really fight wars in the older sense; they are more computer games with gadgets. So the young, deprived of any outlet for their aggression and need to challenge themselves, turn to stupid political activities like Environmentalism. They are purposely trying to destroy the thing that gave them so much.

So let Germany ban domestic flights and watch businesses flee from the richest country in Europe. Good lluck to the New Green Reich.

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1 Right up there in the article is the kicker -- Germany's domestic rail industry will receive a whole bunch of gummint money. Why do they need it, if rail travel is so friggin' wonderful?
My wife and I have been watching the Extreme Rail Journeys TV series, with Chris Tarrant, and enjoying every minute of it. Just watched the one where he traversed the former Yugoslavia and even found some of the cars of the late Marshall Tito's private train. Luxurious, natch.

In so many countries where domestic rail travel is "the thing," trains have been updated, likewise the tracks and stations, and it's a great way to get around. But the government pumps tons of money into it. And remember, those countries are all about the size of a small U.S. state. And the highway systems in those countries doesn't measure up to our Interstates.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at July 30, 2019 09:20 AM (rIYC+)

2 Yep!  It always comes down to taking money from the citizen to promote the Progressive daydream.

Railroads are cool, but they are old tech and hardly the way to build a forward looking civilization.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at July 31, 2019 06:11 AM (0CCNP)


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