September 29, 2018

Ford's Lawyers Done Her Dirty

Dana Mathewson, with hat tip to Eddie Engebretson
***(My best guess would be the DNC. They may be the one paying the billing charges in spite the claim of working pro bono - $530,000 in a gofundme website account not withstanding?

Fox News"

"As a result, the attorneys ostensibly representing Ford may have breached their client's trust and violated their ethical responsibility to act in her best interests. They may instead be motivated primarily by a desire to block President Trump's appointment of a conservative justice to the nation's highest court. An investigation of their conduct is warranted to determine if this is the case."

[...] "As Fox News reported this week, Ford's legal team is composed of Democratic lawyers, donors and operatives.Attorney Debra S. Katz has been a vocal protester at anti-Trump rallies and was quoted as saying: "We are going to resist. We will not be silenced" Her partner in a Washington law firm, Lisa J. Banks, is also active in Democratic politics.And last weekend attorney Michael Bromwich joined Katz and Banks on Ford's legal team. He represents disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired after clashing with the Trump administration over the FBI's handling of the Hillary Clinton and Russia investigations.Are these the kind of attorneys who are interested in protecting their client's best interests or are they more interested in advancing their own partisan anti-Trump agenda? Are these the kind of attorneys who are interested in protecting their client's best interests or are they more interested in advancing their own partisan anti-Trump agenda?"


"In her testimony Thursday, Ford confirmed that Feinstein recommended the Democratic lawyers! Did it ever occur to either Feinstein or these attorneys that such a referral constituted an obvious conflict of interest?The Thursday hearing also revealed that Ford's lawyers are working for free. This certainly raises legitimate questions. Perhaps their compensation is the political satisfaction of stopping a Republican president from naming a justice to the nationâ€â„¢s highest court. Ford's understandable hopes for protecting her privacy were dashed when her letter to Feinstein describing the alleged assault was leaked to the media in violation of her wishes. Still, Ford was reluctant to appear at a public hearing. She feared becoming the target of smears and threats. "

End excerpts.

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