October 25, 2020

Flatheads Fattening the Curve

Timothy Birdnow

I went out for the first time in a long while. St. Louis - both the city and the county by the same name - have had strict Wuhan edicts and they are still in force. But some old friends wanted to get together and so we met at a brewpub in the Dogtown neighborhood of the city.

Two of my friends had been at a prayer vigil in front of Planned Parenthood in the area, so it was a convenient place to go.

We got there and there were a lot of people sitting outside, even though it was cold and blustery. We went in and had to wait at the end of the bar where the bartender was hiding behind plexiglass. You could not go to the bar itself to order. This made no sense; the bartender still took your credit card, reaching around the glass. The did not accept cash. So what makes a credit card cleaner than a bill?

C'est la vie. We went and sat at one of the tables, which were spread well apart. Everything was fine when it included just four of us, but the two who were at the prayer vigil showed up and suddenly we were Violators!  The barkeep came over and told us we couldn't have six people because we were somehow "superspreaders" and endangering others by sitting together rather than spreading out and breathing on multiple people.

So we ordered another round and went outside. It was cold and I pulled my chair up to one of the fire pits they had.

After having sold us another beer, the guy comes out and demands that I not sit by the fire, and says that we still can't have our entire party sitting together, even though we were outside.

Needless to say we were pretty angry, especially since he sold us a beer knowing full well our plans. We were discussing them in front of this guy.

He defended himself by claiming it was the city regulations. Maybe. But he could have told us we couldn't even be outside with six people.

So we left and bolted out of the city. Out of St. Louis county, too. We went out to St. Charles county (which is run by Republicans) and it was absolutely no problem! The place we went was full, and the crowd was merry. We left there and went to eat at a restaurant that had a live band and people were dancing. The city lost a lot of money because of their pig headedness.

And is it helping? We should see many more deaths from Covid in St. Charles county than in St. Louis. We don't.

These rules and regulations are nothing but an overreaction by tinhorn dictators who are enjoying their season of power. This is doing little to protect the public.

But they have government-funded scientists who are giving them the excuse to do this. And if anyone dares point out the utter folly of so much of this they accuse them of being "anti-science" or of not caring about other people.

They scoff at the Barrington Declaration, for instance, where over six thousand epidemiologists and other doctors said the overreaction is pointless at best and not helping protect anyone. See, they aren't real scientists because they aren't doing the government's bidding!  They sneer at anyone who points out that facemasks do very little, that viruses are far smaller than the gasps between threads in a cheap cloth mask. They roll their eyes at anyone who says social distancing is of little value because the virus is mostly caught by hand to face contact from an infected surface anyway. And they rage against anyone who dares point out that we want young healthy people to catch this so as to reach herd immunity, that there is no other way of ending the pandemic and that people are going to catch it one way or another anyway. They hate anyone who reminds the world that the whole point of all of these measures originally put in place was to "flatten the curve" so medical people would not be overwhelmed; it was never intended to somehow "fight the virus" as if the virus is a plague of locusts or something. The original purpose of everything has slowly changed and now people think they are doing The Lord's Work when they wear masks and yell at others about social distancing.

And in most Democratic-controlled areas they are keeping strict guidelines, shutting down businesses or hamstringing them as they did with this brewpub. Why?

I don't believe for a moment it's because they want to fight the disease. The Left rarely worries about a few lives in other areas - my friends were protesting abortion, after all, and that in the same city that won't let six people sit at a table in a bar because they might maybe catch something. So you can murder babies but can't take a slim risk.

The point, I suspect, is not about protecting people but controlling them, and trying to keep the economy down in the hopes of defeating the Orange Peril.

In other words, it's power politics and not public safety.

That's why they keep emphasizing "cases" as opposed to deaths. Cases keep rising while deaths do not. Why? Because we are testing more and finding more people who have had the virus and were asymptomatic. It stands to reason that the more tests you do the more positives you will find. And that's not even addressing the matter of false positives, of which there are a great many.

New York has hollowed out because of the ridiculoous overreaction to Wuhan. This is an unfortunate fate for so many of our Democrat-run cities. They are betting on a Biden win and then a bailout. If there is any justice in this world that won't happen and they will have to face the consequences of their actions.

And so we had a really nice time outside of the gulag. And St. Louis lost a lot of money.

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1 Heh! I hear ya, Brother Tim. I hope you and the gang had a great time once you found the gemutlich venue -- wish I could have been with you, it sounded like great fun. And I hope it didn't mess up your metabolism, as "celebration" sometimes does.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at October 25, 2020 09:09 PM (ia9S4)

2 Thanks Dana!

It certainly wasn't good for me, but I had to do it! I haven't had a good time for quite a while now; I really needed it!

Yeah; wish you and Martha had been there.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at October 26, 2020 06:42 AM (QdQQ3)


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