May 31, 2018

Evil Republicans Try to Recruit Black People!

Timothy Birdnow Here is a sixteen hundred word article in Bloomberg detailing a deep, dark plot by Steve Bannon - a political operative - to try to get black people to either vote for Donald Trump or sit the election out! The Monster! Since when are efforts to get out your voting base and discourage the opponent's base some dangerous conspiracy? It certainly wasn't considered one when the Democrats ran vicious campaign ads such as the infamous "when you don't vote another church burns" in Missouri attempting to frighten black voters with visions of lynchings and church burnings. It wasn't when the Democrats, following the lead of George Stephanopoulis, started the "war on women" meme. It wasn't when virtually every Republican running for President is accused of trying to cut social security, thus frightening senior citizens. Oh no! But it is an abominable act when Republicans do what political parties have always done. Note there is no crime alleged, or even any real impropriety. If you want to look at dirty pool, how about the Democrats' using taxpayer money to buy votes? How about their demands for open borders and amnesty, to dilute the voting power of native born Americans? Bloomberg is not worried about any of that. LIberals are the penultimate hypocrites.

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