February 10, 2018

Eve was a #Metoo Victim?

Dana Mathewson

From Ben Shapiro. The MeToo movement is getting totally out of hand, if you ask me. Proof is this piece of dreck that Ben references here.

Now, I can see a really good writer like our wonderful Fay producing something similar to this as a piece of brilliant satire. Especially since these days, it's getting more difficult to write satire.

This from Jonathan Dickinson:

You could perhaps start with some #MeToo irony. Here in California we have an Assemblycritter named Cristina Garcia who is an acclaimed founder of the movement, in fact she was one of those on the cover of Time magazine's "Silence Breakers." She also helped author a bill in California that strengthened the whistle-blower statutes and provided a way to track sexual harassment in government. But today she had to take a leave of absence because she sexually harassed a male staffer of her own, as well as a lobbyist. #Oops.

This from Tim:

Thanks David. This whole thing was never about sex or abuse but about re-empowering the feminist movement, which had been nearly destroyed by Bill and Hillary Clinton. Now that the Clintons are out of the picture they can resurrect it, like Dracula in a B movie. The #Metoo is little more than a useful tool, a necessary action to take. They had to sacrifice a few of their worst offenders to get back on track, that is all.

Oh, and this "rabbi" missed a heckuva lot in the Genersis story.

For example, the curse of Eve was two pronged:

"Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

End excerpt.

Here is what the good rabbi finds offensive; Eve tried to usurp the role of Adam, She was the proto-feminist, a "strong" woman who thought she should be in charge and Adam, as men have been ever since, was ccowardly and weak before her (lest she weaponize her sexual favors as women have done ever since). In a way the rabbi is right, in that, yes, God did punish Eve, but she had it coming (as did Adam). In fact, it was a kindness, because God had already warned Adam and Eve they would DIE if they ate from the Tree and they did it anyway. So God created physical death to avoid what He really meant (which was spiritual death, or eternal damnation) and He punished Adam and Eve according to their sins not to be spiteful but to satisfy justice and to teach them.

Here is a good explanation of what happened.

"The most basic and straightforward understanding of this verse is that woman and man would now have ongoing conflict. In contrast to the ideal conditions in the Garden of Eden and the harmony between Adam and Eve, their relationship, from that point on, would include a power struggle. "

End excerpt.

And feminism is a taking of that power struggle to it's ultimate expression, up to and including the complete neutering of men and even the eschewing of the need for men. But this doesn't make the woman any happier as they were never designed for this (as indeed men are not either). The rabbi goes so far as to reject the God of the Bible for a demi-goddess. In short, she's a pagan - and an unhappy one at that.

Oh, by the way, if you want to play this game, let's by all means play. Eve was an interloper, a sort of illegal alien invader who snuck in one day when Adam was asleep, took over his life, wrecked his comfortable existence by destroying the bedrock of his system, and then demanded to be put in charge. If you want to start blaming people and deities, let's start with Even, who should never have shown up in Adam's garden to begin with.

See the original essay by "rabbi" Kolton here.

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