March 29, 2018

Ethanol's Joe Camel Program

Timothy Birdnow

The Renewable Fuels Association has created a propaganda program to brainwash children into loving Big Ethanol.

From the proud announcement:

"Based on that notion, the Renewable Fuels Association recently developed an Ethanol in the Classroom course, providing a fun and interactive way for students to learn about the renewable fuel. Why? Because one is never too young to learn about ethanol’s numerous benefits.

The e-learning program is broken down into three levels: third through fifth grades, sixth through eighth grades, and ninth through 12th grades. After selecting the appropriate level, students can choose a vehicle that runs on ethanol and then navigate through four stops. The journey begins with a quick stop at the fuel station where they fill their vehicle with ethanol-blended fuel. While there, students will learn more about ethanol.:

End excerpt.

Does anyone else find this not just a little creepy? Essentially, the Ethanol pimps have created a brainwashing tool to override common sense for their collective profit. Now, marketing is all about overriding common sense for profit, but this is a much wider net; they have enacted laws forcing fuel producers to put ethanol into gasoline, despite the well documented problems (such as damage to engines and the fact that ethanol burns must less efficiently - about a third less - than gasoline meaning you have to use more, and that it jacks up the prices of both fuel and food in the process plus winds up generating more pollution and greenhouse gases.) And by pushing this in the schools they are essentially creating their own Joe Camel to promote something bad for the children. At least cigarettes came with a warning on the pack.

Oh, and author Bob Dineen mentions Henry Ford using alcohol to run cars, but fails to point out that Ford and all the rest of the auto makers gave up on the idea as unworkable, and for good reason.

Here's the real creepy part:

"Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to know the next generation of drivers not only will recognize ethanol at the gasoline pump, but likely will be inclined to refuel using the clean, renewable fuel? That’s a future I think we can all support.:


And they will all love Big Brother!

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