February 17, 2023


Michael Smith

I typically listen to Glenn Beck on XM111 during my twenty-minute drive to work in the morning.

Today, when I hopped in my truck to go grab lunch, it was straight up noon and my radio was still on 111. Megyn Kelly’s show had just signed off and Dr. Laura was about to make an entrance. I’m not normally a Dr. Laura listener but a busy intersection held my attention long enough to hear her cold open – she was talking about a time, many of us of a certain age can remember, when there were "good” girls and "bad” girls.

The difference being, bad girls put out and good girls were like Fort Knox, the gold was locked away and no guy was going to penetrate her defenses to get it, much less to get anything else.

Dr. Laura was lamenting that in the hook-up culture of today, how sex has become just another part of dating, an expected, yet meaningless, act that has no enduring (or endearing) value. It has the same value as a good dinner when in reality, it once was a special gift that had special value for both participants. Guys had to work for it, they had to show a significant degree of affection and commitment. They had to earn it and as a result, sex had had actual meaning.

Dr. Laura’s broadcast soliloquy, lasting probably less than to minutes, connected in my brain with something I read yesterday, an article by Robert Spencer at the PJ Media site titled: "U.S. Ambassador to France Replaces Embassy’s Historic Portraits With Those of Woke Heroes” and it made me consider what other things we have given up of value.

From the article:

"Biden’s handlers’ far-Left ambassador to France, Denise Bauer, happily announced the change in a French-language tweet on Feb. 3. Over two photos, one of her standing in 2022 before portraits of her early predecessors, and then standing in the same area in 2023, with all the portraits replaced by those of Leftist activists, Bauer wrote: "It was one of the first photos taken when I arrived in Paris. 1 year later, we decided to do it again. Proud that the entrance to our embassy now better reflects the #IncredibleDiver sity of my country. A value that I wear wherever I go in France.”

What a crock.

Bauer replaced the portrait of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, a signatory to the Constitution, a general in Washington’s Continental Army, who ultimately served as minister to France in 1796, with a photograph of transgender activist Sylvia Rivera, who claimed to have played a prominent role in the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York City.” Rivera recounted proudly: "I have been given the credit for throwing the first Molotov cocktail by many historians, but I always like to correct it. I threw the second one, I did not throw the first one!”

Bauer also cut John Armstrong Jr., who was "minister to France from 1804 to 1810” and "was a major during the revolution who eventually became a U.S. senator and secretary of war” and the image of "Swiss-born Albert Gallatin, known as ‘America’s Swiss Founding Father,” who was minister to France as well as secretary of the Treasury and founder of New York University.

Spencer notes the "likes of Pinckney, Armstrong, and Gallatin have an immense mark against them: they were all white males. That will never do, not for the embassy of a duly diverse and multicultural regime.”

In my mind, what Bauer did is an attempt to erase history and replace it with something that was a better ideological fit. It is as ridiculous as walking into the Louvre and putting a "La Cage aux Folles” movie poster over Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or at the Uffizi and plastering a "Legally Blonde” poster over Sandro Botticelli’s "Birth of Venus”.

Society loses something if that was allowed to happen.

Society should be aware of the things of value it gives away to replace them with flavors of the week.

I guess there are "bad” societies and "good” societies as well.

The bad ones give it away for free.

Tim adds:

Every tyrant attempts to rewrite history. These people are especially audacious about it. But it's always been that way. Caligula forced people to cheer him as "conqueror of Britain" when he only left the city and returned the same day. Muhammed ordered the destruction of all the statues in the Kaaba. This outfit is doubling down on that ignoble tradition, much as the Soviets did. Belief in concrete reality leads to ideas about Natural Law and thus constrains the will of the demigods (themselves) so if we just change perception by censoring and rewriting history...

BTW The whole hookup culture has been long in the making, going back at least to the Marquis de Sade and the "Free Love" movement. There is little value to it though; it has given us an explosion of illigitimate and unwanted children, venereal disease, and rampant divorce with the accompanying psychological suffering and emotional brokenness.

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