August 31, 2022

Erasing History

Michael Smith

It has been my personal experience that arrogance is more often than not caused by a lack of knowledge rather than an excess of it.

That is especially true when it pertains to an ignorance of history.

History is like gravity – whether you understand it, believe it exists or think it doesn’t apply to you, it does. History affects and effects everyone and everything.

Imagine you are tasked to solve a murder, but you were prevented from asking any questions about the victim – who they knew, where the worked, who was their family, where they lived, with whom they associated, and the financial situation of the victim were all off limits. You were blocked from asking about the area where the murder happened, where the murder weapon might have come from and if the victim had any enemies.

You had to begin with what was present at the murder scene and move forward in time, never asking about anything that happened or existed before you arrived at the scene.

That is going to be an impossible task. Even if someone comes to you and witnessed or admits to the murder, there is no way you can confirm if they are telling the truth.

That is what it is like when you are ignorant of history.

Imagine now that you are dealing with people who know nothing about what happened before they existed, and they only know what they have personally experienced since they arrived on the planet (a large majority of those under age 40 fit this description). Imagine there are "historians” out there like Howard Zinn, Michael Mann, Nikole Hannah-Jones or Ibram X. Kendi (the latter three claim not to be historians but sell a version of history they prefer).

Using my analogy of solving a murder without knowing the past, now make the crime oppression, causing global warming or racism and assume the aforementioned people come to you and claim to be witnesses to these "crimes”. Absent a knowledge of history, there is no possible way to know if they are telling the truth.

Climate "change” is perhaps the greatest scam that preys on the historically ignorant. Michael Mann selected a period of around 150 years to prove that anthropogenic climate change is responsible for every weather event from droughts to floods, from too much snow to too little.

We know the climate changes; it has always changed. What most climateers refuse to recognize that a period of 150, even 1500 years, in terms of the life of the planet is equivalent to the tick of the second hand on your IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Automatic watch.

Just how many life decisions do you currently make based on information contained within that one second tick?

My guess is that number approaches zero.

You are going to want a few minutes, an hour, a day, a month, a year or even several years of history before you make a deliberative decision because a one second interval is just too little time and too little information.

It should surprise no one that public policy based on anything the historically ignorant profess is doomed to failure.

My history includes a quote from the Bare Naked Ladies, "It’s all been done before…”

While many politicians and "thinkers” invent absurdist views on contemporary situations and claim they are "unprecedented” , new age solutions never resolve age old problems.

We know the answers to our issues. We know ignoring the centuries of historical wisdom of Bastiat, Burke, Smith and Locke and replacing them with Howard Zinn, Black Lives Matter, Noam Chomsky and the pronouncements of Mumbles the Cognitively Impaired Presidential Clown isn’t the way to go.

Modern "philosophers” seem to be more interested in creating a history that fits their philosophies than measuring their ideas against actual history and the results that history produced.

Modern "thinkers” no longer think, they emote, the speak loudly to convince you of their superior intellect and prevent you from looking too closely.

Their arrogance is rooted in ignorance rather than knowledge.

We all have the tools to break the stranglehold of the ignorant elite. History is not the exclusive possession of any person, class, or organization. The collection of history is the greatest example of crowd sourcing in the history of mankind.

A good friend once gave me a print captioned, "The irony is this – if you don’t go in, you can’t find out.”

Remember: it’s all been done before.

That’s why we call it "history”.

Tim adds: Great post Michael! Couldn't agree more.

When Muhammed finally seized Mecca the first thing he did was order the destruction of statuary in the Kaaba and around town. Why? Because he wanted to rewrite their history and he had to destroy any reminders they were something else before they fell under the yoke of Islam. Every since the Muslims have done this sort of thing after taking control of a country. When the Taliban took over Afghanistan the first time they destroyed ancient relics, dynamiting the historical statues of the Buddha all over the country. They had to erase the pre-Islamic days.

This isn't a diatribe against Islam but I'm making the point that if you want to make permanent changes to a society you must first eliminate it's history.

Control the perception of the past and you control the present and future.

It's been done by countless other conquerors over time. The Assyrians and Babylonians tried very hard to erase the history of the Israelites, for example. Daniel was an aristocratic Israelite who was taken into Nebuchadnessar's court to be indoctrinated into Babylonian culture.

Alexander's empire tried "pan-Helenism", indoctrinating the nations they conquered into Greek culture.

This list goes on and always it entails suppressing the history of a People.

We especially saw that in the Soviet Union, where history was regularly rewritten to favor the current rulers and especially the man at the top.

And that is exactly what is happening here in America and the rest of the West these days. "Tolerance" morphed into political correctness, which in turn has now become leftist intellectual colonialism. History is being erased to be replaced by the new world they seek. Our heros are now condemned for faults that were endemic to the times. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklyn, even Abraham Lincoln, are now all condemned for not being sufficiently "woke" in their time. Statues are torn down in a manner reminiscent of the Taliban. They are now taught in schools not as heroes but as oppressors. Our country is presented as nothing but a shameful power grab and abuser.

They are rewriting history, and doing so for a purpose. That purpose is to usher in the socialist, one world paradise the Left has always dreamed of creating.

And it first began this with the war on religion. Our Judeo-Christian heritage has been under assault for well over a hundred years now. That was the core of our identity, or it used to be. They understood that, which is why they went after it first. The Left has replaced Christianity with a new, neopagan religion that emphasizes radical democracy as an expression of the will of the People and thus the new god, and with the State as it's church. This idea came from jean Jacques Rousseau, who postulated it in The Social Compact. It was the basis of socialism and of fascism, I might add.

And they have implemented this in America and the West. People no longer hold to the old beliefs. Most are into Scientism or some faddish belief in "the Universe". With such a yawning vacuum of spirituality they are ripe to be filled with lies. And altering history has helped accomplish this. Look at the way they have attacked people like Father Serra or others who came to the Americas and converted pagans who practiced human sacrifice to Christianity; they are now seen as oppressors when in fact they were saviors and liberators.

So the Left has fundamentally altered everyone's perception of history and we are all going to suffer as a result. Forget who you are and you are nobody. That suits the Left just fine.

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1 I'd say Michael gets the prize here.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at August 31, 2022 09:54 PM (ISUTu)

2 Yes he does - he always does. He's a brilliant man.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at September 01, 2022 07:35 AM (E9cbS)

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6 it does. History affects and effects everyone and everything.

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