October 29, 2021

Energy Dependent

Frank Lasee observes:

Gas is going up. Biden wants to close down US oil and natural gas gas production. And then begs foriegn producers to make more. That weakens America and causes prices to rise. Dumb dumb.

According to Reuters:

Crude oil tanks at the Cushing, Oklahoma storage hub are more depleted than they have been in the last three years, and prices of further dated oil contracts suggest they will stay lower for months.

Tim adds:

Oil and gas are the lifeblood of modern technology. "Renewables" are a red herring to force us into the straightjacket of energy dependency. And I don't mean just on the Middle East (although that certainly is a goal of the internationalists
who want an interdependent world).

It means having government control us by controlling our energy usage. Smart meters are an example; they want to be able to simply shut us down when they decide to do so.

It's called a hydraulic empire. Ancient totalitarians controlled the flow of water. We saw this in Egypt and China and other totalitarian states in the ancient world. By control of rivers and canals they could simply stop the flow of water to a rebellious province and crush them. Nobody dared challenge Pharoah lest they go thirsty.

It made Pharoah a god.

 Control of electricity and heat and mobility would give the State even greater power than Pharoah had over the citizenry. Rationing is a critical part of the left's dream of a socialist world. Socialism always requires rationing in order to work; you have to have the few goods available as an incentive to obedience to the central authority. Oil and gas are the primary weapons of choice of the Left.

So naturally they want us energy dependent. Global warming was a major tool in their arsenal; they can claim our actions are harming people in other countries, and so we MUST cut back our energy usage. Then when they have control of our energy usage they can threaten to cut us off if we don't toe the line.

I'm not saying everyone in Biden's junta thinks this way but certainly the inner cadre who Biden represents believe in this. It is ultimately about power and control.

Franz Unterreiner adds:

President Trump made our country energy independent, only to have his success overturned by Biden on day one of Biden's presidency. That forced our country to once again be dependent on foreign oil. Biden said his action would help protect the environment. We scratch our heads and wonder how it makes sense to ship millions of barrels of oil on cargo ships from thousands of miles away, only to be used the same way it was used when it was processed here. Does foreign oil have less environmental effect than American oil?

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