October 12, 2017

Elk Attack in Mo. Park; Bless the Beasts and the Children

Jack Kemp

Apparently with Harvey Weinstein set to leave the country and Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner far from them, they thought the last rougue male was out of the way. Clearly, these elk hadn't taken Freshman Orientation and Gender Studies classes at college.

According to the story:

"Nature photographer Kent Burgess told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he witnessed one of these incidents take place on Sunday afternoon.

Burgess said that while he was in the park taking photos of the elk, he saw a group of two women and two men walking along a hiking trail near a herd of elk trying to take selfies with the animals.
As Burgess watched the group wander towards the dominant bull, he heard the sound of the animal's bugle, which is a noise that helps elk attract a mate or warn other animals to stay away.

"It was startling," Burgess told the outlet. "I saw the dominant bull moving toward them and I tried to yell at them to get away."

Unable to hear Burgess, the group continued moving towards the large animal which, in turn, lowered its head and charged. One of the women sustained a bloody arm and some otherwise mild injuries.

End excerpt.

Read more at tnthe KTVI website.


People who grew up in cities, and whose only experience with wildlife is cockroaches and rats, have no idea how to deal with large wild animals. They often think that such creatures think and act like humans. Too often they learn the truth too late.

This story ought to be submitted to the Darwin Awards committee.

Plus, people -- especially liberals -- evaluate everything by the benevolence of their own motives and believe everyone and everything picks up on that. As a kid of two, I was stung by a hornet, and the pain of the betrayal was worse than the actual sting -- well, almost. "I told him I wouldn't hurt him!" The difference was that I learned.


Too many people grow up watching Bambi (not the dancer on stage three that Weiner or Wiener would drool over) and thinki the anthropomorphized vision of wild animals is the way it is. They are called wild for a reason, and they act to protect themselves and their offspring. It is stupid beyond words to approach a wild animal of any sort, even a rat or mouse, which can still bite and give you rabies or other diseases. Too many modern Americans have come to believe in their absolute godhead, in the idea that they are completely safe at all times and should be. It's why there is the snowflake phenomenon on college campuses; they think they should be protected from anything that bothers them. Well reality doesn't agree and these elk made that point plain.

Just glad those were elk and not grizzly bears or wolves.

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