October 31, 2016

Electronic Voting Coup

Timothy Birdnow

Writing at American Thinker Peggy Ryan discusses the problems of electronic vote fraud. Ms. Ryan states:

"Donald Trump's enemies (government) will do anything to stop him, so I doubt they'd refrain from tampering with the voting machine's code. Nah! As sure as Hillary's taking a nap right now, they've got their evil, corrupt fingerprints all over these machines.

Okay, it would be naive to rule out vote-tampering, but what can we do to protect our ballot? Sounds like they have a lock, right? Well, if we continue on our present course, yes, they'll at least have a good shot at success. In reported vote-switching incidents to date, a person votes a straight Republican ticket, and before he posts that vote, magic circus, it flips to Clinton-Kaine at the top of the ticket. The voter then reports the problem to a poll worker, who assists to get the correct ballot accepted. Then the process moves on to the next voter"

End excerpt.

The Democrats and their media allies insist there is no vote fraud in the U.S. - zero, nada, the null set. And yet we know there have been problems with vote flipping computers, and that somebody hacked the computer systems in several states. We also know Mr. Obama won over a hundred percent of the vote in several precincts in Pennsylvania last election, making him the only person capable of getting better than a perfect vote. No vote fraud? Rigtht.

Here is what I fear could happen. If Donald Trump looks to win this despite polls showing him behind, I suspect Hillary and Obama will challenge this by claiming the Russians hacked our voting system and stole the election for Trump. They will claim the election is so tainted that it cannot be allowed to stand - and calls will be made to ignore the election results. Either Mr. Obama will agree to stay on "for the good of the country" until a new vote with a secure system can be taken OR the election will be sent to the House of Representatives where Paul Ryan will cut a deal to crown Hillary President - likely for a minor tax cut or some such. Either way, I suspect the plan is progressing at this point. They have already tried to blame the Russians for the Hillary e-mail scandals, and suspending the election results will not be hard in the event of chaos on election night.

And don't expect help from the Supreme Court; it's now a purely partisan body and a stalemate will unquestionably result if this goes before them. A stalemate throws the issue back to lower courts - which will undoubtedly be an Obama appointed judge.

Buckle up, guys; this is going to be a wild ride.

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