December 30, 2016

Easy Breezy Beautiful Cover Dude

Timothy Birdnow

Another stilleto heel spike in the gonads of America's sexual identity.Now cover Girl is featuring a dude, or sort of, for the first time in their long, until recently feminine history.

This is ultimately the sin of idolatry; choosing your "gender" is making yourself a god. A person's sexual character is biologically determined and then confirmed through education and social activity. The Left, ever ready to destroy, wants this "artificial construct" gone. But try as they might they can't change the fact that men and women are born with different sets of chromosomes or that they have different brain and body chemistry. Hormone replacement, surgery, and counseling might make a girlier man, but in the end he's still a man.

One of the terrible things the Left does is unmoor people from the permanent things, set them adrift and watch them drown. The idea is to throw a lifeline to them and then pull them aboard the good ship lollipop. It's how they seek to remake the human species, by breaking down the psychological and spiritual character of the People and replacing it with their own deviant ideas. They don't care how much suffering they cause, because they hope that their "rational" reformation of Man will lead to some sort of idyllic Golden Age. It won't; it will lead to suffering, to warfare and hatred, to death. But the Left is mad, having rejected the God of their fathers.

There's only room for one God in any person, and you aren't Him. But liberals, mesmerized by the glories of science and the slick philosophy of modernity, think otherwise.

Even the Romans never fully accepted this sort of thing. We have moved beyond Rome in decadence.

Hat tip; A Thinking Housewife.

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