August 28, 2017

Driving the Majority into the Shadows

Dana Mathewson

What's going on on the Left, I am learning (from David Horowitz's chilling book "Big Agenda") is that whites are to be minimized. Everyone else -- blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, North Koreans and whatever -- are lumped under the rubric of "people of color," and set against whites. Especially white males, who are established as The Oppressors, with everyone else (those of color) as The Oppressed. That's why the Democrat Party has for many years now refused to properly identify "illegal aliens" as such. Or Islamic terrorists, for that matter. I could go on, but you see where it's leading.

I recommend Horowitz's book, but NOT as a bedtime read!


That is why I call it Black Supremacism, or Black Privilege. It's not just the black community, but all minorities. If you remember talk show host Sue Payne overhearing two officials speaking about how "New Americans would navigate, not assimilate, and take over the host" and that they would create a country within a country "pushing the citizens into the shadows"? That is pretty much the plan, marginalize the majority in this country and eventually make them second class citizens, rather like non Muslims in Islamic countries. And by the majority I don't just mean white people, but anyone who accepts the principles and values of the old America, the one that was the envy of the world and the fondest dream of people everywhere. America was free, prosperous, happy, and wildly successful. Yes, a few were denied participation in the past, but that has changed, and the more it changes the worse these people hate America. They want it gone.

There is nothing more reviled than a benefactor. One resents someone with greater gifts who shares with you, because it reminds you that you are not a success. The black community is full of rage in large part because so much was GIVEN them, so much that they didn't earn for themselves. They FEEL second class because of it. They see racism everywhere not because there is racism everywhere but because they know they have what they do because those arrogant, condescending white people gave it to them.

Well, they have a point. It's why I speak of black privilege; we had LBJ's "War on Poverty" to the tune of $22 TRILLION dollars, and while it was not a set aside for minorities alone it was primarily aimed at assisting them. And what does the black community have to show for it? The top gift was the utter destruction of the black family. We have had all manner of programs, from "race norming" of civil service exams (the practice of granting extra points to minorities for being not white - a practice they denied they did for decades. Isn't it funny that the Post Office and other government agencies are staffed primarily by minorities) to the Fair Housing Act (which fundamentally changed the way the State interacts with the individual and which changed property rights into property privileges, which can be revoked), to massive amounts of money for education, both at the lower levels and for special college tuition programs. Job quotas "women and minorities encouraged to apply" and that sort of thing. We have Medicaid and other forms of medical welfare. We have SSI, AFDC, school breakfast and lunch programs, and innumerable other programs aimed primarily at assisting people of color.. A minority who stays out of trouble, does not sire a child out of wedlock, and who seeks an education can write his or her own ticket in modern America.

Meanwhile, white males are the only demographic with a downward trend on their life expectancy. Why? Because they have to do all the work to support everyone else and are told they are dirtbags in the process.

I ask you, how is it that black people have seen demographic growth when they are supposedly so discriminated against? Wouldn't true oppression mitigate against this? Mind you, this while the black community is undergoing massive losses from black on black crime and large scale abortions. Black and Hispanic numbers are growing as a percentage of the population. If America is such a horrible place to be a minority why is the black community not shrinking? That is what usually happens to the truly oppressed.

Again, the goal here is not equality but supremacy. Angry at the craven nature of "white privilege" and resentful of having to accept handouts, many black people - especially young ones who have been miseducated by our leftist government run schools - want to push the majority into the shadows in retribution for the slights they perceive. There has been no forgiveness for slavery, in spite of the fact that so many Americans died to put an end to it. There has been no gratitude for the trillions of dollars spent on behalf of the minority community, or for the way America fundamentally transformed to accommodate minority rights. The GOP is particularly abused here, as THEY were the ones to pass the Civil Rights Act and promote minority rights and they are blamed for the Klan and white suppression. You can't win!

Two wrongs do not make a right. If racism by whites was bad (and I say was; how many interracial couples are there these days, for instance? Fully 87% of the public approves of interracial marriage, as opposed to 4% in 1958) why is racism against whites any better? This will not redress the wrong, but rather simply make a whole new wrong and start the cycle of hatred and violence over.

White privilege, black privilege? Why don't we all just thank God for the privilege of living in the greatest nation ever seen on this Earth. Gratitude is woefully lacking in modern Americans. It's time we start thinking like Americans and stop fighting the wars of a long gone era.

Selwyn Duke had a great piece about this. Read it here.

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