January 30, 2023

Double Standard with Santos

Timothy Birdnow

Care to read monstrous hypocrisy? Try this article about George Santos and the indignation of the Democrats and media.

Here is a classic:

Early this month, Santos helped get Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California over the hump in his nail-biting, five-day bid to become House speaker.

"The operating principle of House Republican leadership is not ethics. It’s politics,” Rep. Ritchie Torres, a Bronx Democrat, said in an interview. "Kevin McCarthy needs every vote he can get. And he needs George Santos to remain in power.”

Can you believe the unmitigated gall of that excerpt?

The media never held multiple serial liars to account when they were Democrats. Where were they when Bill Clinton lied to America about his affair with (and subsequent perjury and obstruction of justice) Monica Lewinsky and a host of others? It didn't matter then. In fact, they argued it was good to lie about sex.

In fact Breitbart has a list of lies told by President Penis.

What of Whitewater? Charlie Trie? His selling our national security to China for campaign funds? He lied about all this.

The Washington Examiner covers that too.

Where were they when Al Gore lied about inventing the internet? Or his multiple lies in An Inconvenient Truth (which conveniently made him very wealthy.)

Here is a whole book devoted to the many lies of Al Gore.

What of Hillary Clinton? She claimed a number of things that were demonstrably not true. She did NOT fly into Bosnia under sniper fire. She was not named for Edmund Hillary. She has a legacy of lies

She lied when she said there was no classified documents on her personal server. She lied when she bleachbitted her server and smashed her blackberry, then said she didn't know what it meant to wipe a server "like with a cloth?"

In 2016 she falsely claimed a letter from James Comey "only went to Republicans."

Even the leftwing Politifact admits she's a serial liar. National Review gives a good account of her dishonesty too.
And what of the calumny she indulged when she framed Donald Trump for "Russian collusion"?

What of the lies of John Kerry? What abou double dealing with Iran? He has repeatedly lied, whether it was in his testimony over what he did in Vietnam or elsewhere. He lied about his service record.

How about Nancy Pelosi? That woman never told the truth in her life. Glenn Beck chronicles the many lies told by the Queen Bee over the years.

And what of Adam Schiff, who has repeatedly lied to the American People in his "get Trump at any cost" Jihad?  He lied under oath before Congress when supposedly reading the call between Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky.

What of Eric Swalwell?

What of Joe Biden? Biden has lied through his teeth on almost every issue.

Here and here are two posts about lies told by Democrats.

But now we are supposed to forget all that and see Santos as some sort of monster to be disposed of.

You first Dems!

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1 Can you believe the unmitigated gall of that excerpt?

Posted by: patek philippe replica at May 20, 2023 06:54 AM (o7vkr)

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