March 26, 2018

Don't Be Evil; Google taps NAS to Censor Science Information

Timothy Birdnow

The notoriously activist National Academy of Science, is going to vet all science material submitted to Google.

Yes, Google is going to censor anything that disagrees with the theory of anthropogenic climate change caused by carbon dioxide emissions. And no doubt it will censor other things that do not fit with the narratives of the Left.

Here is the statement by the National Academy of SCience: Statement by NAS, NAE, and NAM Presidents on Effort to Counter Online Misinformation

We are pleased to announce that the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine are exploring ways to mobilize our expertise to counter misinformation on the web related to science, engineering, and health. Part of the mission of the National Academies has always been to help ensure that public discourse is informed by the best available evidence. To that end, we are convening Academy members to discuss ways by which we could help verify the integrity and accuracy of content in these fields in a manner that is consistent with our standards for objective, trustworthy, evidence-based information; this exploratory phase will be supported by a grant from Google. We are excited to pursue an effort that aligns with our fundamental principles and that we believe is critically important at a time when misinformation is a threat to sound decision-making and an informed citizenry.

End excerpt.

When Professor Ralph Cicerone took over as President of NAS, he implemented a radical alarmist agenda. Cicerone - an administrator for UC Irvine until getting the NAS gig in 2005. Cicerone packed the higher positions at NAS with radical alarmists, and

Oh, and Cicerone was a member of the Russian Academy of Science, btw. Talk about your Russian collusion...

In fact, Wikipedia states:

Cicerone was a member of the USA Science and Engineering Festival's Advisory Board,[9] a Foreign Member of the Royal Society.[10] the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Philosophical Society, the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Korean Academy of Science and Technology.[4] He also served as president of the American Geophysical Union, the world's largest society of earth scientists

End excerpt.

Talk about your internationalist.

At any rate, the radicalized NAS now will be censoring online information.

The great Richard Feynman once stated:

"Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts”

and he was absolutely correct. Science advances by people pushing on the boundaries. It cannot be advanced in any other way, as all the research in the world will not make a bit of difference if you are dogmatically stuck in a paradigm. Newton overthrew ARistotilian physics, and Einstein overthrew Newton. Neither would have done so had such an intellectual tyrant as NAS existed; both were revolutionary, and they would have been deleted from Google as "misinformation". Galileo - the very model of scientific rebellion - would never have been heard from. The internet is today the primary tool for disseminating information, and it is successful because alternatives are available. Peer review and debate - once the province of scientific journals and conventiosn - is now done primarily online. (In fact, the internet was started as an instrument to publish and critique scientific papers). What NAS and Google are doing is arrogating to themselves total control of deciding what is and is not science. It is dark age philosophy, worse than anything the Catholic Church did to Galileo or Copernicus before him.

I would like to direct everyone's attention to this article in Wires from 2010. From the article:

"It’s not the very first time Google has done business with America’s spy agencies. Long before it reportedly enlisted the help of the National Security Agency to secure its networks, Google sold equipment to the secret signals-intelligence group. In-Q-Tel backed the mapping firm Keyhole, which was bought by Google in 2004 — and then became the backbone for Google Earth.

This appears to be the first time, however, that the intelligence community and Google have funded the same startup, at the same time. No one is accusing Google of directly collaborating with the CIA. But the investments are bound to be fodder for critics of Google, who already see the search giant as overly cozy with the U.S. government, and worry that the company is starting to forget its "don’t be evil” mantra.

America’s spy services have become increasingly interested in mining "open source intelligence” — information that’s publicly available, but often hidden in the daily avalanche of TV shows, newspaper articles, blog posts, online videos and radio reports."

End exerpt.

Don't be Evil is a fitting slogan; sort of like "ministry of Love" from Orwell.

The point is, Google has had a long, profitable releationship with the Deep State, with the U.S. government (in fact, it was originally a research project funded by the natioanl Science Foundation and other U.S. government agencies in 1996.)

And longtime CEO Eric Schmidt is a radical leftist in a fine business suit. He proposed to Barack Obama a scheme to promote renewable energy aka fairy dust to solve all of our national problems. He BELIEVES. And while Schmidt is no longer with Google his legacy continues there.

When someone has to tell you they are the good guys you can usually be certain they are on the wrong side. Google's motto "don't be evil" tells us that they are. And by censoring scientific discussions they are proving it more each day.

Oh, by the by, fully 93% of NAS members are admitted atheists While that may not matter, it may too matter, especially involving issues that promote atheism such as Darwinism.

After a lengthy discussion about the lack of scientific evidence for Darwinian evolution and the absolute faith of most of the NAS members in it anyway, the author states:

"The corrupt mindset that rules the field of human origins is the same corrupt mindset that rules the field of climatology. Within the atheists’ nest that rules the NAS, empirical evidence is irrelevant. In both fields, their "findings” will continue to bolster their atheist religion and their self-interest, not the interests of true science, or of the American people."

Emd excer[t/

He's right; Climate Change is as much religious faith as anything, and as Chesterton was alleged to have said, when you stop believing in God you will believe in anything. In the case of global warming the evidence does not support the computer models, but the NAS insist it is happening anyway, your lying eyes be damned.

These are the people who will define reality for most Americans. Now it requires effort to find information at odds with the liberal orthodoxy, but it can be done. Once this protocol is in place it will become impossible to ferret out the facts.

Joseph Stalin wished he had it so good!

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