January 26, 2019

Donald William Hull Trump

Timothy Birdnow

Donald Trump, the Great Negotiator, the man who never loses, the superhero with the orange hair, has completely folded his tent and essentially become Nancy Pelosi's prison wife. Not being content to surrender to the aging hippie chick with early Alzheimers over the State of the Union speech, Trump has gone full William Hull, surrendering the Wall to the fears of old women. Pelosi now fully owns Trump, and the President's tenure of office will likely end in 2020 barring some insane action by the Democrats. I think we can confidently say Trump has ended his Presidency.

(William Hull was the Revolutionary War hero put in charge of invading Canada during the War of 1812. Hull, now a doddering, scary old man, tentatively invaded Canada, going in but a few miles then scurrying back to the safety of Fort Dearborn. When a contingent of British soldiers and Indian allies - including the famous war chief Tecumseh - besieged the much larger American force in the fort Hull went into full panic and surrendered to a much smaller force without firing a shot. He was court martialed for it and barely avoided hanging.)

Donald Trump promised to keep the government shut down until he got the measly five and change billion, and in fact he DID maintain the shutdown longer than anyone else. But he quit when he was starting to gain traction; a lot of Democrats were starting to rumble about this, quietly, yes, but rumble, and with the Federal workers (who vote 90% for Democrats) missing paychecks the pressure was ratcheting up. Time was on Trump's side. Oh, his poll numbers slipped a little bit, but we know how accurate those polls are and he should not have gone weak in the knees. As Saul Alinsky stated "if you push a negative long and hard enough it can break through and become a positive". In other words, hang tough. Had Washington given up at Valley Forge we would not have a country today. By surrendering Trump has proven to the world he is no George Washington. Shoot; the man isn't even Grover Cleveland or James Polk.

Immediately after Trump's announcement conservatives on the radio were trying to spin this as a positive. One commenter said "this is not over - it's just the seventh inning stretch" because in three weeks Trump gets a second crack at it. But what does anybody think will change in three weeks? Senate GOP members will be that much more afraid of repeating this, and will tell Trump in no uncertain terms they aren't going along with another shutdown. They will likely overrule the President if he tries it. And Trump basically threw his hand away, losing all the leverage he had. Before yesterday he had government leeches, er, workers starting to get desperate, and they would eventually demand Pelosi knuckle under. They couldn't do it to Trump because they never supported him in the first place. But Pelosi would have caved to save her own skin. She was about to lose Steny Hoyer, for instance, who had already broke with her over the State of the Union address. Other Democrats were reaching the breaking point. She would have had to concede the fight in the end.

But Trump conceded, ostensibly because air traffic controllers were doing sick-outs. Well, Ronald Reagan fired them when they pulled that on his watch and replaced them with military controllers, who it just so happens were still being paid under the shutdown. Trump should have done that.

And if Trump thinks Democrats will negotiate now that he's given them what they want he is a complete fool. Democrats don't negotiate - they take hostages. Now it's clear Trump is weak and they will go in for the kill. He's going to be challenged on every front, more than before.

So Trump gets nothing after all of that, and he never will get anything henceforth. Pelosi owns him, having twice humiliated him in the span of one week. If Trump has some master plan - something that I am sure he does not at this point - he still has lost in the court of popular opinion. Part of Trump's strength, in fact almost all of it, is his reputation for invincibility. He just showed he is very vincible.

Pelosi is now doing donuts on the White House lawn in her Bentley.

What should Trump have done? Declared a state of emergency BUT kept the government shut down until the wall was either built or he got the money. But he should never, ever have reopened it. If he was going to cave he should never have played this game of chicken. If you play chicken you have to be willing to drive off the edge of the cliff. Apparently he wasn't.

Actually Trump should have done this to the Republicans when they were in power. This should have been done in year one, and Mitch McConnell should have been told to kiss his bit, frenchy fried behind. But Trump wanted to play the good soldier and he let his own party dog him. Why did he think the Democrats would be easier to handle than the Republicans? The GOP is a spineless bunch of boobs; the Democrats always did play hardball, and they have the media solidly behind them. Trump was a fool in the way he went at this.

Of course, as soon as Trump declares a state of emergency a judge on the West Coast will issue an injunction. There will never be a wall, unless Mexico builds one on their side of the border.

The wall was everything to the Trump Presidency, and his failure to deliver it - his surrender in the face of the enemy - was the make-or-break issue. Pelosi knew that, which was why she was willing to brave the wrath of her own constituents. She knew Trump was finished if he caved on this. She and the Democrats are now overrunning Fort Dearborn, and a feckless Donald Trump, the man who was supposedly the expert negotiator, is blubbering like a teenage girl whose boyfriend left her for a skanky cheerleader.

I fear this is the end of the Trump Presidency. And, as the Left is pouring over the gates and overrunning our civilization, it is the end for America. This wall was more than just a barrier to illegal aliens; it was a civilizational fortification, a symbol of our national sovereignty and the values of the America we once had. Now it is all gone.

Hey Donald; they STILL won't like you!

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