April 28, 2023

Dominion; the New Normal

This from John F. DeLeo:

In a way, the Trump team was more at fault in this business with Dominion and Fox than anybody.

It was blatantly obvious to the entire world that there was massive vote fraud… But the Trump team was laser focused on blaming dominion.

That was foolish from the beginning, because if they couldn’t prove it against dominion, their whole case fell apart.

But Sydney and Rudy and all of them focused on the dominion machines, putting all their eggs in one ballot box .

This gave the left the opportunity to frame the debate, such that if we couldn’t prove dominion stole the election then the election wasn’t stolen.

An insane jump, but it was our side that made it possible.

Instead of focusing appropriately on all the dozens of different methods, such as nursing home fraud, multiple homeownership fraud, illegal alien voting, 2000 mules style fraud, patronage bus tour fraud, and so forth.

Tim adds:

Very astute observation John and I agree. I've had that fight with a number of Nevertrumpers who insist that the failure to prove Dominion was guilty destroys all claims of vote fraud.

The fact is it was massive, it was ubiquitous, and it was in mulitiple forms. The Trump team should have pursued all of those avenues. I don't know why they didn't.

(Of course Trump was staffed by double A players and not the major league team because everyone feared being permanently out of work if the challenge failed and they wound up blacklisted.)

I think they went after Dominion because they are a private company and would have to hand over everything in discovery. Much of the rest of this stuff involved confidential voter rolls and the like.

I also suspect they did it because they did not want to confuse the public with too many varied ways the Democrats cheated. They figured that they should stick to one primary point so the public could understand it.

You may remember how the Clinton camp got away with so much by simply having overly complex and multiple criminal enterprises running at the same time. It is the Big Lie. You get caught telling small lies; nobody believes you would have the cajones to tell so big a lie. I think that is how Clinton always got away with it, and they thought that if they pursued too many of these the public would not believe it possible. So they focused on Dominion to the exclusion of everything else.

But it was a tactical error, no question. And now everyone is crowing, saying "nothing to see here" when in fact the whole stinking election was a farce. And having gotten away with it they will continue to get away with it. Vote fraud is the new normal.

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1 Sheesh! Whyizzit that people insist on putting their eggs in one biscuit -- er, basket -- when it's usually obvious that it's much wiser to spread them out?

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at April 29, 2023 12:02 AM (djD2v)

2 I agree but the shotgun approach often doesn't work with the public, alas. It's how Bill Clinton was able to skate all those years. Too many crimes to keep track of so the public just thought they were political attacks.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at April 29, 2023 07:04 AM (+AVfR)

3 varied ways the Democrats cheated. They figured that they should stick to one primary point so the public could understand it.

Posted by: Replica Rolex Watches at May 08, 2023 09:06 AM (MjvTm)

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