December 27, 2018

Did Israel Request the U.S. Syrian Pullout?

Timothy Birdnow

Did Israel actually request the U.S. pullout from Syria? The decidedly pro-Trump Breitbart claims they did.

From the article:

In a report that has yet to be corroborated, Jake Turx, senior White House correspondent for Ami magazine, which serves the Orthodox Jewish community in the U.S., reported along these lines Tuesday that far from opposing the U.S. withdrawal from Syria, Israel requested it.

According to Turx, Israel asked for U.S. forces to withdraw from Syria ahead of an Israeli winter offensive against Iranian and Hezbollah forces in Syria. Recent events, including Israel’s nearly operation to seal Hezbollah’s underground attack tunnels traversing the Lebanese border with Israel, indicate that Israel may be conducting shaping missions ahead of a larger-scale operation in Lebanon and Syria against Iran and Hezbollah.

So too, reports that the Kurds have made deals with Syrian President Bashar Assad that will mitigate at least some of the danger of a Turkish invasion signal that the U.S. withdrawal may not have the widely feared, devastating consequences for the Kurds.

Certainly, the fact that most of Syria’s oilfields are in the Kurdish-held areas of eastern Turkey lends credence to the view that Russia, to which Assad gave exclusive rights over Syria’s oilfields this past January, will not be willing to accept Turkish control in eastern Syria.

End excerpt.

Interesting. I never doubted Trump had his reasons for the pullout, although I wasn't sure at all I would agree with them (and still wonder about it.) But a man who gets as far in life as Trump didn't do it by being purely irrational, as the media would have us believe. Even if we don't agree with his reasoning he had a reason. That is the missing variable in the equation, one the media simply will not touch.

There are phases to wars, and you cannot keep employing the same tactics forever.

That said, why are we selling Patriot missiles to Turkey? Turkey is a member of NATO, but Erdogan is not exactly a Westerner by heart. I think that is a terrible idea, and I find no good way to justify it.

I wonder; is Trump trying to buy off Erdogan so as to take the heat of Saudi Arabia? The Saudis are the key to pressuring Iran, which is the real terror master in the region and are very close to possessing nukes (which means they actually have them but haven't tested them yet.) Keeping nukes out of Iran's hands is a higher priority than the Kurds, I'm sad to say. This may be the price for keeping the Turks out of this. Remember the Kashoggi business.

I suspect the overall strategy here will unveil itself in due course.

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1 This certainly will be interesting to watch!

And Trump understands your point about the Saudis being the key to pressuring Iran. Too many people in the U.S. want us to blow the Saudis off, just because... well, just because. But Trump understands that would not be in our best interests. The Saudis are not the nicest dudes on the block, but they do not like Iran one bit, and will certainly work with us to contain Iran. They are, in other words, realists, which can't be said about Iran. "The enemy of my enemy" may not necessarily be my friend, but he likely will be much less inclined to stab me in the back.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at December 30, 2018 09:25 AM (rIYC+)


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