September 30, 2018

Did Ford Simply Misunderstand?

Timothy Birdnow

As I see it, there are five possible scenarios in the Kavanaugh/Ford saga. They are:

1. Kavanaugh tried to rape her.

2. Something happened to Ford but she is mistaken in thinking it was Kavanaugh.

3. Ford is delusional.

4. Ford is mistaken.

5. Ford is lying.

we have discussed the fifth option to death, and I believe it is the most likely. Ford had a history - now well scrubbed from the internet - of left wing social activism. Oh, and that scrubbing suggests she or more likely her Democratic allies knew her radical views with impeach her credibility so they got rid of it. Professionally. Ford also had a reason to hold a grudge against Kavanaugh since his mother was the presiding judge who tossed her family out of their home in a bankruptcy case. There are no witnesses who corroborate her story, she can't remember exactly when this happened or where, all she knows for sure is it was Brett Kavanaugh. Suspicious. And she didn't come forward with this until now - although she was laying the groundwork in her couples therapy in 2012 when Mitt Romney was rumored to be looking at him for SCOTUS. The timing is hard to believe. Oh, and she told her therapist there were four boys present, not just Kavanaugh and Mark judge. Except she didn't use Kavanaugh's name, either.

Meanwhile, she left the other girl with a rapist, and told no one. Doesn't know how she got to the "party" or how she got home. Can 't really explain why she was still wearing a bathing suit after leaving the pool (where were her clothes?)

It should also be pointed out that she has co-authored over 14 studies on abortion or abortion treatments over the years. And her husband works for Big Pharma and Big Medical Equipment. There are reasons to believe she feared Kavanaugh on abortion, on Obamacare, and a host of other issues.

Sounds like one big, fat lie. Which means we can ignore number one as well.

Number two is possible. As has been pointed out, a fellow who looks a lot like Kavanaugh lived in a spot that seemed a likely place for the "gathering". She says she was sober "only one beer". Well, she was fifteen at the time (and it was illegal for her to drink so we know she's a lawbreaker) and this may well have been the first time she ever actually drank anything. How does she know she was sober? I knew a girl in college who could get quite drunk on one beer. If she was looped she may not have gotten the right person.

Which brings us to number three.

Many psychologists are a burger short of a Happy Meal themselves, and by her own admission she suffers from PTSD. Is it PTSD or is she suffering from psychosis? We don't know and we won't find out because medical records are sealed. One thing is certain, this was a "recovered memory" which so often have been shown to be false. Anyone remember the McMartin Preschool incident? All sort of children were claiming they were raped at McMartin because a psychologist began working with them. In the end a lot of them had "recovered memories" and truly believed it had happened. But luckily it was proven to be an artifact of the work of the psychologist, who was more zealous than careful.

Maybe nothing happened but she thinks it did. She could have had a vision, an hallucination. Also, she may have done more than drink a beer; the early eighties was a time of heavy marijuana use as well as other narcotics. She might have been tripping.

Or she might just be a crazy white woman.

Now we get to one that I think has a good deal of potential. Maybe she completely misinterpreted what occurred.

 Her description of the "assault" could be seen as something quite different. She says Kavanaugh grabbed her, threw her on the bed, climbed on top of her, covered her mouth, all the while Kavanaugh and Judge were laughing diabolically. The "rape" ended when Judge jumped on top of them both and they all fell to the floor at which point she got up and ran out of the room.

Sounds bad, doesn't it?

But what if it happened the way she described it but not the way she saw it? Teenagers roughhouse. It's a common thing for them to do. Now, Ford was three years younger than they, which in a few years wouldn't matter, but most 18 year old boys weren't that interested in 15 year old girls, at least when I was growing up. They were becoming men and these were still kids. How many seniors dated freshman in high school? I imagine there were a few, but not many. At least, it didn't happen much in my neck of the woods.

But that wouldn't prevent them from goofing around together. She might well have been fairly drunk and giggly, and - all in fun - got sassy with the boys, who gave chase while she ran. Nothing sexual, mind you, just roughhousing and the type of play boys and girls have indulged in for all of history. Yes, he might have grabbed her and tossed her on the bed. Yes, he might have gotten on top of her (as she squirmed and giggled) and he might have covered her mouth when she said she would scream (it would all be part of the game, and Kavanaugh figured she was just playing). Kavanaugh and Judge were laughing - playfully, not malevolently. And then Judge jumped on them in teenage fashion, and they all toppled to the floor.

The point is, they may have had every reason to think they were just goofing around. In fact, she probably saw it that way too, until later when she thought about it, or probably much later when she dove into academia where every touch that is not contracted and notarized is considered sexual assault. Kavanaugh and Judge may not remember this because it was not a memorable event, just teenagers acting goofy.

I think this scenario is the second most likely, next to her simply lying about it. Oh, she might be a crazy white woman, but it may be her lunacy is constructed on a foundation of innocent acts.

She might, just might, be mistaken.

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