June 12, 2018

Deportation was O.K. for Elion...

Timothy Birdnow

A quick thought; we are hearing a lot these days about the plight of children of illegal aliens being separated from their lawbreaking kin, and how terrible that is. Take, for instance this article where the New York Times bemoans the evil of arresting illegal aliens and putting their children into foster care. How horrible!

But that's funny, because I seem to remember when Bill Clinton sent armed SWAT teams to seize a little Cuban boy and send him back to Castro, where he was put in a re-education camp. Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we:

From CBS News:President Clinton defended his attorney general over the raid. At a White House meeting on hate crimes, Mr. Clinton commended Reno for the early morning operation. The president says she and the other law enforcement officials involved had "a very, very difficult job to do, with no easy choices."

Political figures from across the country are weighing in with reaction to the seizure of Elian Gonzalez from his Miami relatives.

Vice President Al Gore issued a statement in which he said he believed the issue should have been handled through a family court and with the family coming together.

The Democratic presidential hopeful commended the people of Miami, who he said acted in a calm and lawful way immediately after the raid.

There were at least 80 arrests in Miami's Little Havana that day on charges ranging from disorderly conduct to inciting a riot.

In his statement, Gore called on all Americans, no matter what their position on the Elian issue, to obey the rule of law.

End excerpt.

Reason had a retrospective that illustrated how much the Democrats were in favor of the thuggish attack:

"The Elian story triggered much journalism that ranged from uncomprehending to obscene. Be my guest at choosing which label Eleanor Clift, then of Newsweek, should get for cheerleading the Clinton administration's decision to send Elian back to Cuba, where "he doesn't have to worry about going to school and being shot at, where drugs are not a big problem, where he has access to free medical care and where the literacy rate I believe is higher than this country's." (And no, she didn't send her own kids there.)"

End excerpt.

Now, bear in mind, at the time the law said that any Cuban who reached America was given asylum. There was no illegal immigration from Cuba. That ended with Barack Hussein Obama repealing the policy in his last year in office (to kiss up to Castro).

Granted, the boys father wanted him back in Cuba, but his aunts and cousins lived here and wanted him here. Had George W. Bush done this they would have howled at the brutal tactics. But since it was their guy they supported him.

In point of fact, we separate families all the time. Every time a parent goes to prison we have separated them. Military personnel are often separated from the children for months to years. But for some reason we aren't supposed to arrest the parents because they have children.

In other words, people breaking our laws are hiding behind the kids.

We should put these children on plains, trains, or boats and ship them right back to their country of origin. Harsh? Well, nobody asked them to invade our territory. The only way you can stop such things is by making the people who want to invade our nation understand that they will not only not profit by coming but will pay a penalty. Word will get around quickly that we mean business, and we'll wind up having to turn away far fewer. Right now we may as well hang out a sign saying we maintain a Starbucks policy - come one, come all, and you don't have to obey no stinking rules!

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