April 06, 2021

Demented Biden or Cackling Harris

From James Doogue in Oz:

He can't even read his tele-prompt. You can see his brain not computing what's on the screen he's straining to read. But he's not sharp enough to ad lib. Probably because he's not even thinking about what he's reading.

If Trump had done this, the mainstream media in Australia would have lead with it in their news bulletin questioning his competency. But this type of gaffe, which happens regularly, isn't even being reported in the IS by the MSM. That's because he's their candidate.

This is the leader of Western nations. The mainstream media anf social media hid Joe Biden's incompetence during the election campaign. Whoever is pulling the strings knows this guy will either stay in office as a complete puppet, or be replaced by the VP Kamala Harris.

Harris wasn't even popular with blacks. Obama gained 96% of the Black vote. In the polling during the Democrat presidential primaries, Kamala Harris polled behind Biden and Sanders among black Democrats, only just ahead of Elizabeth Warren. Yet the people controlling Biden chose Harris for Biden's running mate.

If she has a reputation for anything, it's being willing to do or say whatever it takes to get promoted or elected.
Harris lies a lot and it's not hard to tell.

Kamala Harris has a habit of launching into peals of laughter when she is asked questions, even serious ones. It’s likely a nervous tic, and it’s possible that she doesn’t even realize that she does it.

In this short video clip she reveals both her willingness to say anything to get where she wants, and her cackling as she evades the question. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0iMYlJqsDcg

In the world of gambling, this is called a tell. An unconscious and often uncontrollable behavior that serves as a clue to others that a player is bluffing or lying. In real life, it's done to cover nervousness, and people are nervous either because they don't know the answer, or their answer is a lie.

She will make the ideal titular President. Being female and dark skinned gives her enough intersectionality points the media will never hold her to account. She say and do whatever those pulling the strings want her to.

This has serious implications for Australia. Do you think the leaders of China, Russia, North Korea, Iran will take a demented Biden or cackling Harris seriously?

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