November 25, 2017

Dark Shadows; the Beyond Resistance Conference of Cockroaches

Timotehy Birdnow

Yes, there is a conspiracy of liberals, or at least a number of secret meetings of the Left that goes largely unreported. The Freee Beacon dishes the dirt:

"Democracy Alliance, a secretive dark money liberal donor network, appear to have moved to increase security presence and alter its schedule at its fall donor summit following a Washington Free Beacon report released Friday morning based off the group's internal documents.

The high-dollar progressive donors, who each vow to direct at least $200,000 in funding to approved left-wing groups of the alliance, are currently gathered at the posh La Costa Resort located in Carlsbad, Calif., for its three-day fall investment conference to plot their 2018 "resistance" and game plan."

End excerpt.

AHA! People who said these rich leftists were plotting together were always portrayed as lunatics, people wearing tinfoil hats and seeing the Trilateralist Commission under every rock. But the reality is the Left does in fact have secret meetings and discuss how they plan to screw over the United States and the World. The article continues:

"The DA's agenda, titled "Beyond #Resistance: Reclaiming our Progressive Future," establishes "participation guidelines" that include guests not sharing any of the members' names with the press or on social media. It also asks attendees to refrain from leaving any sensitive materials behind.

Friday's headliners include liberal billionaire George Soros, who was introduced by a video message from Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.), and House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who is scheduled to speak at the network's dinner. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D., Minn.) also delivered a video message to the group.

David Brock, the former conservative investigative reporter turned Clinton ally and founder of Media Matters, DCCC chair Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (D., N.M.), CNN contributor Van Jones, Center for American Progress CEO Neera Tanden, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, California politician Sandra Fluke, and others, are also at the summit, according to the agenda.

Tom Steyer, a billionaire environmental activist and past prominent member of the alliance, who is currently in the midst of launching a campaign geared at impeaching President Donald Trump, does not appear to be at the gathering. Pelosi, who is in attendance at the summit, previously lambasted Steyer for the campaign.

However, Sky Gallegos, the political director of NextGen Climate, Steyer's group, is listed in the group's documents as having participated in a lunch program Thursday on "mobilizing the electorate for a progressive future."

End excerpt.

Security is very tight. Why? What is it that the organizers don't want uncovered? I think we all know; they want to hide their plans for the country and how they intennd to get it there. This is a veritable Who's Who of liberal leaders and yet the media is strangely reticent about doing some real investigative reporting.

Conservatives always suspected the Left had such meetings and coordinated their efforts. You had the Renaissance Weekend where all these movers and shakers attended but nobody knew exactly who or what they discussed. You have groups of big names, such as the Council on Foreign Relations chock full of the powerful and we hear little. You had the Journolist, where journalists were coordinating the way they would report issues. The signs have always been there.

And we always knew it had to be; these campaigsn would often appear as if out of thin air and would dominate the news, with all news outlets reporting the same way and using the same arguments. There has been clear coordination. Take the gay marriage issue; in 1990 few Americans favored it and those who didn't have a problem with it were hardly enthusiastic supporters. But the '90's saw an endless drumbeat of homosexual-friendly things, from Will and Grace to Ellen to Roseanne, from reports and position papers claiming homosexuals make even better parents than straights or that they aren't really suffering from a host of maladies resultant from their promiscuous lifestyles. We saw efforts in all fifty states to pass gay marriage (almost all of which failed) and then a battery of lawsuits to get the courts to overturn the will of the People. Bill Clinton created "don't ask, don't tell" allowing homosexuals to serve in the military (and overturning hundreds of years of military wisdom) as long as they were closeted. The end result is that most young Americans think nothing of what we once termed sodomy and feared for the immortal souls of the sodomites. Now it's just an "alternate-lifestyle" and so our young people are diving into experimentation with what is ultimately a physically, psychologically, and spiritually destructive behavior. The point is, SOMEBODY decided this was where society should go and the campaign appeared, seemingly out of nowhere.

But it did not come out of nowhere; nothing comes from nothing. It is clear powerful, wealthy people promoted this. And we jsut got a glimpse of one of their planning sessions.

This Free Beacon report gives us a glimpse into the dark world of radical Progressivism and the rich and powerful who pull th estrings in America from the shadows.

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