January 28, 2021

Crowning Achievements

Mark Musser

In addition to Watergrate, Nixon gave us the madness of the EPA and a mixture of Chinese communism/ capitalism. Such a lethal recipe is actually a form of fascist corporatism which is at the very heart of all the rot in New York, DC, and the Left Coast that is now well on its way to destroying anything and everything decent left in America these days. Carter gave us the madness of the Iranian Mullas and terrorism as a way of life ever since. Bush Sr. betrayed the entire Reagan legacy, which his son furthered, and left Iraq a total disaster in the Middle East. Clinton's entire presidency was of the playboy variety. He was party boy who cashed in on the great economy and peacetime that the Gipper (eventually - such things take time) bequeathed to him with no small thanks to the great victory in the Cold War. Clinton's foolish antics in the Baltics siding with the Muslims against the Serbs following Germany's lead in the 1990's has lead to a new, unnecessary cold war that only grows worse by the day on the other side of the Russian front.

Obama crossed so many lines that there was little left of America's constitutional republic after he got done as he stuffed the national bureaucracies with so many corrupting landmines it is now impossible to return back to anything that it was before as our new masters are such federal bureaucracies - all of whom are unionized at all levels. A senile Biden is just Obama III where now the government can do anything and everything it wants to without any consequences as it no longer has to pay attention to the voters of the USA as far as I can tell. Biden has already signed almost 40 executive orders since becoming president.

In contrast to our previous president, Reagan put a stop to the destructive madness of the hippy movement in the 1960's after a 2 month siege of Berkeley. Reagan's campaign of let's "Make America Great Again," was not based on a hollow nationalism that said very little about anything important, but imbibed deeply from the founding fathers of America whose teachings and principles were on the lips of the Gipper at every speech, interview, and press conference that has not been repeated since. Nationalism by itself is almost always bad, unless you have folks like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, John Adams, Patrick Henry, and Alexander Hamilton,. etc. who defined what it would be and protected it with individual liberty and a republican government. Reagan's mouth was very disciplined and controlled thanks to his rich readings from the founding fathers as he taught the American Republic daily of what they so richly gave to us that demands much thanksgiving.

Reagan's first order of business was to fire the Air Traffic Controllers which sent a huge message to what is called the Deep State today. Reagan would have never allowed a bureaucrat doctor to destroy the whole country in two months without ever saying one word about the critical importance of maintaining our constitutional liberties, particularly when times are strangely difficult - a time when those liberties must be maintained even more at all costs. Reagan continually harped on the abject absurdity of our national debt virtually every day during his entire presidency, which finally paid off in the 90's when Clinton signed a balanced budget bill into law and famously said, "The era of big government is over." The Supreme Court then overturned that law, and government spending has been on a rampage ever since now into the trillions and trillions of dollars with each passing year. No president has complained of the madness of the federal budget since. Reagan also sued and won over the big tech monopoly of AT & T, which led to the plethora of computer gadgets that people are now all too satiated with. Just as important, the Reagan administration beat back the acid rain false prophets that never returned as this was just another false alarm among oh so many.

Most importantly, unlike our previous president, Reagan also won over the communists hugely. He did this using not only great wisdom and patience, but also with much grace. He did not reduce the fight with communism to a simple trade war padded with ethnic slurs. Reagan never, ever, criticized the Russian people in person - only corrected the great doctrinal errors and totalitarian excesses of atheism and socialism. Such things have not been done since the Gipper. No wonder America is now filled with communism, socialism, and fascism.

Neither did the Gipper sign a two state solution for Israel that divided the promised land which Carter, the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama had been trying to get done for decades. This was extremely foolish as our last president turned the promised land into the real estate deal of the century perhaps pushing the envelope on the coming of the antichrist more than any person yet to date in history. Israel has been completely locked down and locked up ever since.

We live in very serious times, and people need to be more serious and objective even about the very people they may have enthusiasticall y voted for. Our last president had many, many deep personal flaws and weaknesses that we have known all along - all of which showed up big time in March when the crown virus madness was unleashed upon the world.


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