September 29, 2018

Conservatives for Feinstein!

Jack Kemp

From a 9/28/18 Monica Showalter blog piece at Amer. Thinker:

"I've always been content voting for Feinstein, or at least held my nose and voted for her, given the crazed lefty alternatives we have seen on the California ballots. But this may be the end of it."


Feinstein was a shoe-in for many years without Monica Showalter "being compelled to vote for her to ward off the angry harder left Democrat mobs." Voting for an independent write in candidate or not voting were options available to Showalter all these many years, an option she did not take.

And Showalter still may vote for this despicable Feinstein and has voted for her in the past. I am a bit surprised but not all that much. Amer. Thinker contains many "JFK Democrats" who are not at home with the current Democratic Party. But that doesn't make them effective pro-Constitution Republicans or conservatives. And it really doesn't make them independents, either. Tim says:

I'm surprised; Monica Showalter is usually pretty good. I guess I understand her strategic thinking, but ultimately what does it matter? If she's voting in the primary for Feinenstein's monster that is one thing, but in the general? At least register your protest by voting for someone who will lose but is closer to your values.

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