March 27, 2018

Common Sense on the Omnibus

Dana Mathewson

Kurt Schlichter (who else) infuses some needed common sense.

We weren’t "betrayed.” It’s not "over.” And "Trump has totally lost my support” is exactly what your enemies want you to say.

Don’t say what your enemies want you to say.

David Dickinson replies:

Ok, I said a few of those things, but not in front of my enemies! Plus I'm kind of over it now, there are kids wanting to change the Constitution without even being able to Spell Constitution much less name the three branches of government, there's Jimmy Carter being really, really upset at the John Bolton appointment, stuff like that.

Dana replies:

Indeed. That's why I am here to keep all of you kids in line.

I knew we were OK when I heard Judge Janine cheerleading for The Donald on Saturday night. If she'd been grumpy, I admit I'd have had second (and maybe third) thoughts on the matter.

We all have to keep in mind the thought that Trump is "not like the others." I have, from one of our circle who is on blind copy, a supposed Krauthammer article that (with no citation, unfortunately) analyzes Trump as neither conservative nor liberal, but pragmatic: a man who sees problems and goes about solving them with no ideology involved. I will research it tomorrow to determine its legitimacy. It's great, but I want to know who REALLY wrote it. I believe Dr. K was originally a Never-Trumper, but would like to believe he has come around.

A word from Tim:

I agree. We have to walk a fine line between being confident and letting events run away from us. I've always believed Trump must be kept on a tight leash, as he is not ideologically conservative and I fear could be swayed to "go native". Of course, the GOP is not our friends and REALLY has to be held accountable. We don't want to let the Left glory over us here, but on the other hand we MUST make it known that we are not going to be doormats. George W. Bush pulled the crap on us repeatedly, if you remember. Trump has to know his base is displeased in circumstances like this.

Look, Trump had to know this was coming and yet he took no leadership here. He could have. He could have proposed a serious budget to Congress. Once again, this irrational fear of a shutdown paralyzed the rank and file of the GOP and Trump, who won the last one and probably would have done even better now, could have and should have vetoed it. Or at minimum refused to sign it, just to make the point. But he didn't, and now the GOP is going to face a shutdown crisis in September. How much does anyone want to bet they will surrender then? If Trump thinks he'll be in a better position then he really is confused.

I don't want us to keep this pollyannish attitude. We've done this for years, excusing betrayal after betrayal by our "champions" because, well, gee, we have to expect this sort of thing and we'll get "em next time. But it seems next time rarely if ever comes. Instead, we get bones thrown to us now and then yet the country and our laws move ever leftward.

In short, talk is cheap. Trump needs to take decisive action, and that means PUNISHING the jerks who did this - especially Mitch McConnell. I'd start by firing Elaine Chou, Big Mc's swamp rat wife. Trump only hired her to make McConnell happy. And while McConnell is not up for re-election until 2020 I would throw in with an opponent for his Majority leadership position if I were Trump.

What everyone needs to remember is that Trump's best chances are in his first two years in office, and he will likely be able to accomplish little after that. A year has now been largely squandered, and this budget deal makes it unlikely that he will accomplish all that much next year. Oh, I know; we're getting judges and whatnot. But Trump needs to fulfill his agenda to keep the coalition that elected him together, and he just isn't doing it. Signing this pile of poo just turned off a lot of the people who will now view him as just another politician willing to make compromises at tje expense of We the People.

Dana replies:

Well, there are two things: budgets have to come from Congress. Yes, Trump could have talked to the "leaders." Oh, wait, I forgot... there aren't any.

It's true that Trump's base is pissed right now, but my hope is that he will "do the right thing" with this crap sandwich and the base will be duly impressed. What too many people don't realize is this is NOT a budget, he doesn't have to spend it the way it's shown "on the page." But that's small consolation. People are upset that it still contains full funding for Planned Parenthood, but he is not forced to give them one red cent.

Yes, McConnell and Ryan both need to be taken to the woodshed and given a real caning. "You guys are called leaders? Why? Because you just lead me over a cliff?"

Different writers have said that Trump needs to lay down an ultimatum that he won't touch any legislation that hasn't been on the table long enough that Congress -- and he -- have had a week to read it. AND no more "omnibus" bills. Ever again. Can you imagine if rules like that had been in place when ObamaCare came along?

From Tim

True, but then perception can be reality, at least in politics. Everyone had faith in FDR even though he ruined the economy and kept it down, because he came across as caring and doing something. Perception ruled reality. In the case of Trump, he won by a narrow margin and by winning people not traditionally carried by the GOP, many of whom were low information voter types. Trump cannot afford to lose anybody from his coalition, as it is a separate entity from the GOP and requires careful tending. Even if Trump doesn't have to follow the rules here he has already done serious damage to his cause by the appearance of collaboration with the Swamp. How many of the blue collar people who elected him are going to watch carefully to see if Trump breaks faith with Congress? This has been Trump's problem in many ways; Obamacare, for instance, is still officially there (I know; I have an Obamacare policy) and Trump promised to eliminate it. Now, he did the next best thing and I don't hold it against him for what Congress failed to do, but does the average voter know that? All they are going to see is increasing premiums and poorer services for a product Trump promised to eliminate. In short, they'll see a broken promise.

Optics are important.

Again, as I say, Trump could at least have refused to actually sign this Omnibus bill to show his displeasure. It would have become law anyway, but at least his name wouldn't be attached, and he'd have had the same discretion with using the money. Signing it with petulant promises of not signing in the future smacks of defeat. "I asked you nicely not to do this. Next time I'll REALLY ask you nicely..."

Trump has to learn how to squeeze McConnell and Ryan. Until he figures out how to do that they are going to keep dumping on him. Neither man ever wanted him to be President anyway. And he must understand the importance of victory, or at least of not appearing to be beaten. I for one am have not yet had my fill of winning.

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