January 29, 2022

Cold Hard Facts

Gregory Wrightstone

A review of human and climate history reveal a strong link between the rise and fall of temperature and the rise and fall of civilization, and it is just opposite of what the climate doomsayers are telling you. Past warming periods were much warmer than our modern temperatures and were associated with times of great prosperity.

Chester McAteer adds:

Think about this for just a moment, at the end of 2017 researchers discovered that the island of Zhokhov, in the high Arctic was forested with a species of birch trees just 9000 years ago until about 4000 years ago when the climate became so cold that nothing grew on the island. Not only that but the now uninhabitable island was inhabited by humans who enjoyed temperatures at least 6°C hotter than current temperatures in the high Arctic. An interesting point is that the humans hunted Polar Bears, Seals and Walrus in an Arctic that was almost free of sea ice for most of the year. Oh, the poor polar bears! They have been around for an estimated 1.7 million years and survived every climate whether warm or cold. Does that raise any questions in your mind given the current ideas about global warming?

Temperatures peaked between 7800 and 8000 BC years ago, the period is known as the Holocene Optimal because temperatures were ideal for all plant life, animal and sea life, but since the peak temperatures they have been falling to the point that our temperatures today are closer to those during the period immediately after the end of the last ice age than to those of the peak during the Holocene Maximum.

From the peak temperatures of the Holocene Optimal they dropped to the Minoan Warming Period, then cooler to the Roman Warming Period. During the Roman Warming temperatures were high enough for the Romans to import ancient Mediterranean wine grape vines and cultivate them in the northern part of Britain, not only that but there is evidence that Mediterranean wine grape vines were cultivated in Scandinavia and Northern Russia. That's impossible in today's cold temperatures.

After the Roman Warming Period came the Medieval Warming Period, it was so warm during that time the Vikings colonized Greenland and thrived, importing ancient European Barley, they grew fruit trees, many of the roots can be found in Viking graves and warm weather vegetables until once again it became too cold and they starved. Few realize that most of the Glaciers were gone or greatly reduced during the Holocene Optimal until they began to greatly advance during the Little Ice Age.

Another thing to think about is two years ago researchers found another of the 8 USAF planes that made an emergency landing on Greenland during WWII in 1942, it was buried under 340 feet of snowpack ice. There was also one found in 1995 under 268 feet of snowpack ice, prior to that one was found in 1988 under 240 feet of snowpack ice. Now think about the fact that in the last 77 years, during the period we are told has been one of the greatest warming of the climate, 340 feet of snowpack ice has accumulated over Greenland. Absolutely none of this had to do with the Trace gas CO2 which, throughout the geological record, has always tracked temperature increases, not led them.

Tim adds:

Look, there is a reason why the Mongols exploded out of the desolate Mongolian desert when they did; their food supply increased thanks to the Medieval Warming Period. Otherwise there would not have been enough to feed a large army. We see this all over the globe, too. In North America the city of Cahokia rose and in 900 it was larger than London at that time. It was abandoned by the time Columbus arrived in the New World, and that because of crop failures and pestillences, unquestionably because the climate had cooled. We saw the same thing in South America with the collapse of the Incan Empire as drought and cold wrecked their crops and led to a split in the empire that made their conquest by Pizzaro easy. If you look at the movement of peoples you can see how warming periods influenced their flourishing - and often cold periods saw their decline. There is a reason why the Arabs burst out of their peninsula when they did; they were able to feed enough people during the MWP.

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1 And I believe I read that the reason the Mongols didn't overrun the whole continent is that the climate began to cool and caused them problems in feeding their armies -- and they ran into rainstorms that generated a lot of mud -- something a horse-mounted army doesn't like to encounter.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at January 29, 2022 11:19 PM (551jX)

2 Probably true Dana. Certainly they found it difficult to invade Europe, and not because of any military resistance they met with.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at January 30, 2022 11:18 AM (At6xD)


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4 Think about this for just a moment, at the end of 2017 researchers discovered that the island of Zhokhov, in the high Arctic was forested with a

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