October 31, 2016

Clinton Got the Debate Questions Early

Timothy Birdnow

In the incestuous relationship between Democrats and the mainstream media there is a revolving door where political operatives move into the roll of "journalist" and move back out to hatchet man. George stephanopoulis is a prime example, although there are plenty more; tingly legged Chris Matthews worked for Ed Muskie, Jimmy Carter, and Tip O'Neill before becoming a journalist. The late Tim Russert, former host of NBC's Meet the Press and Washington bureau chief, worked for both Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Mario Cuomo, both Democrats.

And then there is Donna Brazille.

Donna Brazille worked as a political consultant who ran Al Gore's losing campaign in 2000. She is on The Situation Room on CNN. She has never fully turned journalist, but instead remains very active as an open Democrat (rather than pretending she's neutral as the rest of the media Dems.)

Well, it turns out she was giving Hillary Clinton debate questions.

Gateway Pundit has the scoop:

"Thanks to Wikileaks we now know current DNC Chair Donna Brazile admitted to releasing additional debate questions to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Brazile sent several questions to the Clinton campaign early:
"I’ll send a few more.”

End quote.

It has also come to light that CNN was sharing poll results with the Clinton camp before releasing them to the public.

The American media is worse than Pravda in the old USSR; at least there everyone knew they were full of it. How can we have an "unbiased" media when it is full of Democrat operatives?

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