December 29, 2019

CIA Angry Over Investigation of Brennan

Timothy Birdnow

Looks like the Durham investigation is touching a nerve. The CIA bigwigs are getting quite upset with the investigation of John "Muzzie" Brennan.

From Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

Intelligence community veterans say the Durham probe could force (CIA Director Gina) Haspel to choose between protecting her agency from Trump’s wrath and bowing to Barr’s wishes; they point to FBI chief Chris Wray, who has found himself at odds with the president in recent weeks over a watchdog report about the bureau’s conduct in the Russia probe.
And they say the Barr-Durham probe represents overreach by an attorney general who seems to have already made up his mind and is bent on imposing his own skeptical view of the Russia investigation on the intelligence community…
"It is unprecedented and inappropriate to do this via Justice department prosecutors who will tend to apply the standards of a courtroom to the more nuanced, and often more challenging world of intelligence analysis,” said John McLaughlin, who served as both deputy director and acting director of the CIA from 2000-2004…
But it was fine for the CIA to spy on the Trump campaign? Where was the "nuance" there? They knew Donald Trump wasn't a Russian asset and yet they spied on his people - and didn't tell him.

The closer one gets to the truth in a thing like this the louder the guilty complain. I think Barr and Durham are getting to the root here.

And John Brennan is the epicenter of a lot of this. A guy who voted for the Communist Party and yet got a security clearance at CIA (which shows how corrupted that agency had become, as we were at the heighth of the Cold War when he received his clearance) Brennan is also very sympathetic to Islam and there are credible rumors he is a convert to that religion, and at a time when we were fighting a war against Islamism. Brennan seemed to move up the ranks rather quickly during the Obama era. And he has been a fierce critic of President Trump, to the point where he was openly defiant of HIS boss, the President, who was forced to fire him.

Eventually Mr. Trump tried to take Brennan's security clearance but it never happened; the career guys simply refused to take it away from Brennan, even though he had been sacked. (Imagine a company allowing a fired employee to walk in and access computers after being terminated for cause.)

I think the closer the investigation gets to Brennan the louder the CIA will scream.  Oh, and watch for some sort of black op against Durham or William Barr. Some sort of scandal may suddenly appear out of thin air.

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1 I, for one (and I'm sure I'm not alone) find it inconceivable that a person's security clearance is not automatically terminated when that person ceases to hold the job for which the clearance was granted. Brennan's should have been terminated the moment he was fired from his CIA position. Hillary's should have been terminated as soon as she left the SecState position. And there are many who are walking around with a security clearance which they should no longer have.

It isn't as if they couldn't qualify for it again if they needed to.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at December 29, 2019 09:16 AM (/0OOr)

2 It is astonishing, isn't it Dana!  Any job will make you turn in your door key, security card, etc. Often your code is locked out of the system. But in national security - where the stakes are so  very high - you remain cleared and can rummage around at your pleasure. Astonishing!

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at December 29, 2019 11:29 AM (9jgUd)

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