February 05, 2019

Christians need not apply to be Foster Parents

Timothy Birdnow

Being Christian now makes a a couple unfit to foster a child in Ontario.

According to Lifesite News:

In November 2017, the couple "L" and "A," who wish to remain anonymous, applied to become foster parents. They started the required training in January 2018 and completed it in March. After they completed the training, a Child Services social worker interviewed the couple.

The social worker asked L questions regarding his religious beliefs, including whether his church "still believes in some of the more outdated parts of the Bible." He responded that his church believes and adheres to all of the Bible. The social worker then commented that her son is gay and that her son had been told by churches in the past that homosexuality is a sin. L explained that although the Bible does identify homosexual behaviour as a "sin," he believes all people are created in the image of God and are worthy of respect, dignity and honor. He further explained that, in accordance with their beliefs, he and his wife would provide any child in their care with unconditional love, respect, and compassion regardless of the child's sexuality.

The couple heard nothing from Child Services for the next six months. Then, on October 24, 2018 they received a letter from Child Services communicating its decision to dismiss their application to foster. The letter stated, "we feel that the policies of our agency do not appear to fit with your values and beliefs and therefore, we will be unable to move forward with an approval for your family as a resources home."

So this is where we have arrived; believing in Christian doctrine makes one unfit to raise a child.

Not long ago a gay couple would have been denied because they would have been deemed unfit, and that was abhorrent to these progressive fascists. But they have no problem wielding their authority against those who believe in what we all used to believe in. The hypocrisy is astonishing.

Time was, gay people said they just wanted to be left alone, yet now they not only seek to impose their own morality on the rest of us but they want to punish those who MAY not be on their side. This is the worst sort of fascism.

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