February 28, 2024

Causes of Climate Change

Michael J. McGrath

CAUSES OF NATURAL CLIMATE CHANGE…… James Mcgrath, PE 14 Aug 2021 last revd 23 Jul 2022
1. VARIATIONS IN SOLAR INPUTS, especially SUNSPOTS – Every 11 years elevated sunspot activity occurs on the Sun and is transmitted to earth as heat.
2. PRECESSION – The Earth’s axis moves in a cycle that lasts 26,000 years during which time it varies by 23 degrees from the neutral axis which is perpendicular to the Suns rays. This changes the locations of deserts and forests.
3. ECCENTRICITY OF EARTHS ORBIT - Changes the distance from the Sun to Earth. This varies the amount of heat the Earth receives from the sun. It warms and cools the Earth, relatively. Called the Milankovich Cycle.
4. METEORS OR COMETS – Are plentiful but every so often can cause devastating changes in the Earth when they impact. One has been blamed for the extinction of the Dinosaurs at least in part.
5. VOLCANOS - Caused by tectonic plate movements, occur in unpredictable ways and have been known to create extreme global temperature variations. The eruption of Tambura caused the 1815 "Year without a Summer” with effects that lasted 3 years. There are approximately 1500 active volcanoes, 500 of which have erupted in modern times, and 60 of which are currently active in approx. 60 countries around the world. Yellowstone is a Super volcano that will really change the climate when it blows again…….. SUBMARINE VOLCANOS , or Seamounts, of which there are about 120 that have erupted in modern times, create about 75% of the magma of the Earth and also heat the oceans. Added by Stuart Munro.
6. SHIFTS IN THE EARTH’S MOLTEN CORE…. In unpredictable ways, changes the magnetic poles and moves them approximately 35 miles per year, and can lead to pole reversals every 7000 years.
7. GULFSTREAM (ancillary)– And other currents are generally consistent but variations of hundreds of miles can cause huge environmental changes.
8. JET STREAM SHIFTS (ancillary). They move heat energy in unpredictable ways.
9. INTERMITTENT INTERACTING CYCLES (ancillary) El Nina, El Nino, Atlantic Multi-Decadal, Pacific Multi-Decadal, Arctic/

Antarctic and Madden-Julian Oscillations, etal. Periodic variable Warming and Cooling effects of atmosphere and water throughout the world. Added by Jim Mundy.*
11. CONTINENTAL DRIFT – over the very long term.
12. MOON - Gravity sucks on all parts of the ocean and land and has world wide effects but localized based upon its immediate position. Added by Alecia Schmidt.
AS TO GLOBAL WARMING……….. The only measurements I have found are from NASA. They say that the Earth has warmed 1.53 deg F (+/ - ?deg tolerance) since 1880. That is 142 years. THE PRESUMPTIONS OF WARMERS ARE: 1. That this trend will continue forever; and 2. That man caused this heating problem; and, 3. That man can cool down the earth. They further discount the evidence of the history of recorded weather that show that changes are natural and cannot be shown to be caused by humans*. They are so certain of this that they are willing to spend trillions of dollars on these prognostications that are ruining our economy. … MANMADE GLOBAL WARMING IS A GUESS, UPON A GUESS , UPON A GUESS........ AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.

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1  My thought is that they may have cut their own throats by now going after household pets. https://thehighwire.com/editorial/climate-change-war-is-the-problem-not-dogs-and-cats/  I just cant see people standing by while the govt sends their pets off to the gulag.

Posted by: Mike at February 28, 2024 12:37 PM (mYR0f)

2 They're not going to send MY dog to the gulag! No effing way! He doesn't fly on a private jet, or even a commercial jet. They'd do much better to send John Kerry and Greta Thunberg there.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at February 29, 2024 12:25 AM (X5D0l)

3 I'm with Dana. Time to gulagize THEM Mike!

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at February 29, 2024 08:51 AM (BaD1+)

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