June 25, 2018

Catholic Church's Death Wish

Jack Kemp forwards this;

Dear Catholic Church, Your Founding Document Is Not Mao's Little Red Book

Here is the money quote:

"Are there not passages in the Bible about salt that loses its flavor and light that doesn’t illuminate? You’re corrupting, destroying and losing souls. All for the sake of what you imagine will be temporal power. This will not end well.
Dear Catholic Church, we already have a DNC. Your mission is not to propagate the message of socialism but the message of Christ."

Read it all at Townhall. A word from Selwyn Duke:

While the current pope certainly isn't my cup of tea and I dislike many bishops' modernism (which correlates with liberalism), Hoyt's article reflects fuzzy thinking in many respects. I'll just address two points: She mentions the Church's so-called meddling in politics and international affairs. People didn't mind this when the Church was opposing communism, and it certainly was a good thing when it inspired opposition to Muslim invasion via the Crusades. The point is that Truth touches everything, so the Church will, obviously, be touching on everything. The real issue currently is that the bishops in question have departed from Truth in much of what they advocate, but in principle Hoyt is wrong.

Moreover, it's unrealistic saying "the Church shouldn't be involved in politics" when the government is so big that everything is political! The state now "touches on everything," so it's sort of hard to avoid "getting political"; you could quip that to do this you'd have to confine yourself to talking about the weather, but with "climate change" even this wouldn't suffice.

Hoyt's piece also reflects today's all-too-common relativism. She writes, "We should take the time tonotbother our neighbors who happen to not be Catholic because they don’t behave like Catholics and instead show by our example the joy of a moral life."I certainly agree that most important is setting a good example; virtues are caught more than they're taught. But following her advice, we shouldn't have tried to stop pagans from engaging in human sacrifice (because, hey, that was part of their religion) or complain about FGM among Muslims today. Truth is Truth; morality applies to everyone. Of course, how we best try to convince people to be moral is a matter of tactics, which may have to vary depending on the time and place. But we ain't talkin' about coffee drinkers vs. tea drinkers here. This isn't a matter of taste.

Fay Voshell adds:

The Catholic church (and many Protestant denominations) are caught between two fundamentally incompatible theological/ philosophical ideas concerning the nature of man and the cosmos. On one side, the idea that man determines his place in the cosmos and decides the nature of the cosmos; man supplies his own redemption. On the other is the classic Christian idea that the nature of the cosmos is determined by the Creator God; and the salvation of mankind is revealed and provided by God, not man. The foundational bases for knowledge and wisdom are Top down, not bottom up.

Presently, most Western churches are caught in a snare from which there is no extrication unless they return to classic orthodoxy and reject the current heresies invading the congregations.

I myself have thought for some time that unless the Catholic Church rejects the current heresies, as it has done in the past--think Augustine, Donatism and gnostic heresies-it will once again undergo the splintering characteristic of the Reformation. The great councils of the early centuries that resulted in the Nicene Creed are desperately needed, but this current pope is in the wilderness sowing confusion, not showing the way out.

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