January 24, 2018

California Scheming; Stealing the Tax Cut

Timothy Birdnow

California Democrats are pondering ways to steal half of the Trump tax cut. Calling it a tax increase, these desert vultures peck at the eyes of American free enterprise. From the Federalist Patriot:

"Phil Ting, is just one of the many Democrats nationwide who are mulling over how to take advantage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. He along with his Sacramento colleague, Kevin McCarty, have introduced a bill that would collect half of what million-dollar-plus corporations gain from the newly reduced 21% corporate tax rate. Their assertion is that a chunk of corporate tax savings should be rerouted and invested in programs geared toward non-wealthy residents. Because, according to Ting, "Trump’s tax reform plan was nothing more than a middle-class tax increase.” That’s an interesting and untruthful argument to make. Polling suggests voters are already seeing the light on tax reform. What was an 18-point Democrat lead in generic polling has shrunk to just a five-point lead. And why shouldn’t it? Democrats are absolutely out of their minds if they really think Americans aren’t reaping tax reform’s benefits. To mention nothing of bonuses, "some two million American workers have already been told that their earnings are going up,” Jeff Jacoby reports, citing data from American for Tax Reform. That’s also to say nothing of the remarkable stock market performance."

End excerpt.

If the Democrats do this they will indeed accelerate the exodus from The Peoples Poohole of California. While I want to see businesses relocate, I do not want the people themselves to leave, as they will simply carry California with them. One such hellhole is bad enough.

Liberalism is sort of like diabetes; you don't notice you have it at first, and yet it slowly kills you. By the time you realize you have a big problem you are up a creek without a paddle. At this point you are squeezing insulin into you as fast as you can, and seeing multiple doctors, but the damage has already been done.

Moving to a different buffet table isn't going to solve your problems. Sadly, that is what is starting to happen in America. The problem is not in our stars but in ourselves, and as long as we continue to believe the lie that government can make it all better we will carry this disease with us.

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