June 27, 2022

Calif. Dems; Why are Gas Prices so High?

Timothy Birdnow

Here's one to make you guffaw!

Strange how they never, ever, look to their own policies.

California Democrats to Investigate Cause of High Gas Prices

California's gas prices are currently the highest in the U.S., with the average price per gallon at $6.40 on Monday compared to the national average of $4.98.

Betcha they determine it's "price gouging" and not the endless regulations and assaults made by them against the industry.

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1  How caring of big brother.

Posted by: Mike at June 27, 2022 11:00 PM (1Sfr8)

2 These dummies have no idea how things -- such as gasoline or food -- come into being in the first place. I'd say their attempt to find an answer will fail, so they'll take the easy way out and accuse the oil companies of "gouging." 

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at June 28, 2022 10:08 AM (GIKgf)

3 So kind of them Mike!

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at June 29, 2022 08:23 AM (hcxBO)

4 That brings up an interesting point Dana.

My brother Brian teaches history at a  couple of local colleges, one an historically black college.  He said many, if not most, of his students have no idea of where things come from.

He had a student say in class that the white people "got here first and stole everything from us". It was evident to Brian the kid - and all his fellow students - didn't really understand that everything here was MADE and not just waiting here for the white colonists.

In his mind stuff - cars, televisions, houses, etc.  were like the trees or the grass, natural things that didn't belong to anybody until someone came and claimed them.

This example might be a bit extreme but I have little doubt that a majority of Democrats (be the whatever race) think this way. Oh, they probably understand in an intellectual way that this stuff has to be made, but they don't really understand the amount of effort involved in creating something - especially from scratch. Enterpreneurs are always rich fatcats to them; never people like themselves taking a big risk.

My friend and his wife owned a small plumbing company, nothing fancy, just a few trucks and a few guys. They always wanted me to come work for them; they needed someone they knew they could trust. Basically they wanted me to be in the field to make sure their employees were doing what they were supposed to do (like actually show up at jobs). As Dan told me "I was their best friend until I bought the company. Now I'm the biggest piece of crap to them." That is because they thought he was some rich sob. They worked with the guy and knew he borrowed up to his eyeballs to buy the compmay (and had to sell it because it wasn't  producing enough to cover his loans.)

That illustrates how people think. Most people don't understand that economics is a law, a very strict law, and you either obey it or go under.

Most people think companies are there to service them, even as employees.

And this really holds true of energy. That is the allure of "green energy" it seduces with a promise of free energy for all. But it's not free in the least.

I have a friend on Facebook who lives off grid (actually several, but this guy - Lyle Hancok - is an especially interesting one) and he told me that making his own power is just as expensive if not more than buying it on the grid. He does it because he homesteaded some very remote property near the Grand Canyon. He wanted to live there, and there was no good services, so he haed to make his own.

But he has to constantly replace the cells in his batteries (and if he has to replace the batteries it costs a fortune). The cells are forever going out. And he has to maintain the solar panels. If it snows he has to go out and clean them off. And of course he has to know how the whole system works.

He also has to truck in water when it is the dry season, as any well he'd drill would have to be deeper than the honking big hole nearby (aka the Grand Canyon). So he drives into town with a giant 300 gallon tank and refills it every couple of weeks.

Ah, the joys of rural iving!

The point is it is much, much harder to make this sort of thing than to let others do it for you. So many do not understand that.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at June 29, 2022 08:39 AM (hcxBO)

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