October 29, 2022

Bumbling into the New WWI

This was written by a man named John Stanley"

There had been literally thousands of ethnic Russian Ukrainian Civilians IN those eastern, 96% ethnic-Russian provinces KILLED by western Ukrainians, in the years BEFORE the Russian Army finally rolled-in. That was not the "only" reason they rolled in, either...
The West had signed a Pact with the Russians, promising to keep Ukraine NEUTRAL.
This was of importance to the Russians because:
A.) so many formerly Warsaw Pact "satellite" countries, which HAD constituted a buffer-zone, for Russia's western border had become NATO nations, and...
B.) Because, suspiciously-so on after the old Molotov-Ribbent rop "PACT" of 1939, ALSO promising non-aggression, the Nazis had INVADED Russia, by passing THROUGH Ukraine, on their way-in.
Due to Stalin's having STOLEN Ukrainian grain, during a food crisis in Russia, there was MASS starvation in Ukraine, so the western Ukrainians hate Russians, and literally gave BOUQUETS to the German Panzer crewmen, on their way-IN, greeting them a liberators.
Later, lots of Ukrainian men volunteered for their own Nazi Waffen SS Division combat roles. Those same sentiments continue, in the Azov Battalion, in everything from their straight-up Nazi iconography, to their Sieg Heil sulutes, to their attitudes and behavior patterns, and you don't have to be "pro-Russian," to SEE that; it just IS.
Morons who think that they can put a good guy's "white hat" on a guy like Zelensky would try to tell you that you can pick-up a TURD, by "the CLEAN END."
No, you CAN'T, and though I'm not a fanboy for Vlad-the-Bad, this crap got STARTED because a combination of corrupt American politicians, whether Dems or chicken hawk RINOS, along WITH Globalist jerks who want Putin out of the way, because he constitutes a hindrance to THEIR little plans, essentially egged the western Ukrainians-ON, to unwisely engage in a dangerous game of "Poke the Bear." The Ukrainians have, just since February, had 100,000 soldiers KILLED in action. THAT is not "sustainable," no matter HOW many billions Quid Pro JOE tries to send them.
WHY would I put this so cynically? Well, Folks, let's just have a look at what a retired 4 Star General had to say, about this: "For just $66BN we bought ourselves a war with Russia where Americans are not dying, but Ukrainians. That's an excellent deal."
Wow. Okay, then. Just LOOK-at the thinking, behind such a cynical summation. SOMEONE was obviously WANTING to provoke a war with Russia. Hmm.
Combining THAT with the FACT that George Soros had insinuated himself into the inner workings of YOUR State Department, into its POLICIES, and into its OPERATIONS, in Ukraine, starting during the Obama Maladministrati on, you can see how it was that this had all been shaping-up, LONG-before Vlad-the-Bad had had enough, and rolled-in.
Now, after they get the new levy of (previously trained) Russian troops, they'll simply annex those provinces who'd voted first for autonomy from Ukraine, and then for inclusion IN Russia, AND the Russians will RETAIN Crimea, which they BOUGHT from the Ottomans, back during the 18th Century. That's their sole southern, warm water naval base, and they will NOT relinquish it. By the way, to show you how-serious the Russians ARE, about those provinces, the people there have already been issued RUSSIAN PASSPORTS. Wise-UP.
I'm not "being mean" when I point-out that American CNN viewers were DUPED into putting-up blue & yellow flag emojis "in support of" Ukrainian soldiers who were themselves cynically DUPED into becoming cannon fodder, to the approval of the Biden & Pelosi Crime Families, the SOROS Syndicate, little ol' mush-mouth RINO Lindsey Graham, and slobs like Klaus Schwab, who, since Putin attended WEF for just long-enough to figure-out what THOSE Globalist clowns were up-to, do not APPRECIATE Putin's inclination to keep Russia for the Russians. That sums-up the sordid "basis" for this COMPLETELY unnecessary, but very DEADLY mess.
This has ALL been a particularly STUPID gamble. My NIECE is in Germany. I sure hope she has some INCREDIBLY warm clothing and a literally Arctic-Grade sleeping bag, now that they will be doing-without sufficient ways of HEATING that country. Nice-going, everybody. �/p>

Tim adds:

I would agree with most of that, although there was no treaty guaranteeing Ukrainian neutrality but rather a gentleman's agreement that was reneged upon.

The 1994 Budapest Agreement said Russia and NATO should respect the territorial boundaries in place but said nothing about guaranteeing neutrality. But, of course, the Russians can say NATO expansion violated that promise.

That said, we should remember Ukraine elected a pro-Russian president (Yushchenko) who the CIA kicked out via a phony "revolution" (the Orange Revolution) thus installing a pro-Western government. That too is a violation of Budapest.

We set up a client state in one of the "Russias", not just the old Warsaw Pact countries. Ethnically Ukrainians are almost identical to Russians; their language is not a whole lot different than Russian and they have always been a part of Greater Russia. In fact, the first Russians were Ukrainians, and Kiev was the dominant city in Russia for a long time. It was only the Mongol invasion which separated the two (Ukraine means "by the border" in Russian). It was then the two separated. But they have always been sister nations. NATO expansion there was like the Warsaw Pact expanding into Canada. We wouldn't have tolerated that and neither will they.

And what has happened since the Crimean invasion? The Ukrainians regularly shelled Crimea, and they dammed the Dneiper to cut off water to the region, causing a permanent drought there.
They also threatened to cut off the multiple Russian oil and gas pipelines through Ukraine (the best route for them). Russia's financial survival is dependent on those pipelines.

And the U.S. continued to fund labs in Ukraine designed originally to destroy the old Soviet biological weapons, but they stayed in operation well after those weapons were gone. Why? Given what we know happened in Wuhan under U.S. sponsorship would not Russia be rightly concerned? Possible biological weapons right on their doorstep would make anyone nervous.

And the U.S. deployed missile defenses in Poland and plan to deploy many more - in Hungary, in the Czech Republic, etc. The Russians tried to negotiate to prevent those deployments; they mean we could launch a first strike and they would be hard-pressed to retaliate. But we went ahead with it anyway. Putting a missile defense system in Ukraine would make them all the more vulnerable. So would putting MISSILES into Ukraine, something that could be done (and may have been done without public fanfare.)

I am not pro-Russian or pro-Putin. I think Putin is largely to blame; he wanted to annex this region to restore the Soviet territorial control, or at least the old Tsarist. His ambition is to restore Moscow to superpower status. I think many of these objections are excuses for Mr. Putin.

But not to many of the Russians themselves. They see these things as valid.

I just wish people would consider both sides before going off half-cocked. That is how everyone bumbled into the First World War

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1 The West had signed a Pact with the Russians, promising to keep Ukraine NEUTRAL.

Posted by: hublot big bang replica at May 24, 2023 02:20 AM (3pfeY)

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