October 23, 2017

Britain wants to say "pregnant person" & not pregnant woman

Jack Kemp

SHere is a post at American Thinker about the UK wanting to use the term "pregnant woman."

Here is my posted comment to that:

I once wrote a blog piece at Amer. Thinker about a woman who filled out a questionaire - in the testing version of a Medicaid computer program - to pay maternity benefits to a pregnant man. The test program paid and the logic of the program was changed to catch this error. But how does a computer programmer in Great Britain - or California where there more than two official genders - write a program to block maternity payments to a pregnant man?

Let's say a man is married to a woman but wants to game the system and claims to be a woman because he supposedly feels like one. When his wife gives birth, can he now claim maternity benefits as well? It is a cynical twist on the concept of the book "Heather has two Mommies." In Britain or California, he might win such a case in court.

Two cents from Dana Mathewson

My take is that the Brits can say any damn thing they please, but it doesn't necessarily make it so. As Southerners say, when Northerners move to the South to retire and are surprised that they are not thereby considered Southerners, "If a cat had kittens in the oven, we wouldn't call them biscuits."

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