September 24, 2019

Breeze in a shotglass over Trump Ukraine Scandal

Timothy Birdnow

MesSNBC is turning purple over the fact that Trump released money to Ukraine recently that had been promised but held up.

From the article:

It didn’t cause much of a stir at the time, but the Associated Press ran a reporttwo weeks ago that may be relevant anew. It noted that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy announced at a conference that the United States had released $250 million in military aid – with an additional $140 million on top of that sum.

Now, we have been told by the Left that Trump has been in  bed with Putin and the Russians, that he was in fact a Manchurian Candidate, a "  Russian asset"  . And yet he has paid out money promised to the Ukrainians for military assistance to protect themselves against the very nation that supposedly put Trump in power.

The article continues:

There may very well be nothing to this, but it was a curious series of events. The Trump administration was supposed to give Ukraine $250 million, but that money was on holdwhen the American president spoke via phone to his Ukrainian counterpart – a conversation in which Trump reportedly pressed Zelenskiy eight times about investigating Biden.

Soon after learning that the military aid was on hold, the editorial board of the Washington Post published a piecealleging that the Republican was effectively trying to "extort” Ukraine, making the $250 million contingent on Kyiv agreeing to participate in Trump’s political scheme.

Soon after, in the face of bipartisan congressional pushback, the Trump administration agreed to release the aid to Ukraine – though according to the Associated Press, the package was worth $390 million, not $250 million. This, of course, came shortly before House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) exposed the existence of the whistleblower’s complaint to the intelligence community’s inspector general.

Are they serious? Biden has been a disaster as a candidate and the Democrats are likely going to lose if "Crazy Joe" wins the nomination. It would be in Trump's interest to have Biden as a candidate. Trump has a superb sense of timing; why didn't he condition this on their waiting until Biden had the nomination sewn up? Wouldn't this have made a great October Surprise?  To bring it out now only helps the Democrats rid themselves of an embarassing candidate.

The article makes much of the fact that supposedly the President of Ukraine was "surprised" to get the money. So? Isn't this exactly what you would do if you wanted to send a message to Russia not to meddle in our election? For that matter, it may have been a message to Russia to quit giving iran military hardware, which may well be where they obtained the drones they used to attack the Saudi oil fields.

Isn't this exactly what the Democrats and the media have been demanding? A hard line on Russia?

And do not forget, it was Biden who used his power as America's Vice (no truer words...) President to compel the Ukrainians to not prosecute his kleptocratic son.

Forget not, also, that Hillary Clinton was working closely with the Ukrainians to steal the election from Trump, and THEY were at the forefront of the Steele Dossier, which was a dirty attempt at a coup against Trump. The real scandal is the deep relationship between Ukraine and the Democrats. See here, here, and here for more details of the cozy relationship between the Ukrainians and the Clinton/Democratic axis of evil.

Trump is doing exactly what the Democrats and the Media have demanded of him; not fly off the handle and act rashly. IF he did in fact push Ukraine over Biden it was not because he has any reason to fear the senile ex veep.

Oh, and all of this is a creation of the media; we have no actual transcripts or names or whatnot. All we have is an unnamed whistleblower. We've seen how these anonymous sources have panned out before. (Hint; they are probably interns who work for WaPo or the New York Times.)

And let us not forget Mr. Obama (peace be upon him!) telling Russia's Michael Medvedev to ""tell Vlad I'll have more flexibility after the election" in a live mic mistake. He was promising to disarm America after his re-election. I would say that is far worse.

This is not just a tempest in a teapot, it barely amounts to a breeze in a shotglass.

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