October 07, 2017

BLM Thugs Hold My Wife Hostage

Timothy Birdnow

My wife was held hostage yesterday.

Oh, she wasn't grabbed by terrorists who threatened her life, but she was forced to waste a lot of time inside a grocery store because our Black Lives Matter/Hands up Don't Shoot crowd decided to invade a local shopping center and block traffic into and out of the stores. The Riverfront Times has the details:

"The protest began at Hampton Village at 4:30 p.m. but ended up marching to the nearby offices of the St. Louis Police Officers Association before concluding without incident around 7:20 p.m.

Protesters at one point blocked the intersection of Hampton and Chippewa, but unlike other recent actions, didn't draw a massive police response or any arrests."

end excerpt.

Much of the RFT article consists of a diatribe against the head of the Police Officers Association, Jeff Roorda. Protesters don't like him because he tries to protect police officers. They chanted:

"We know he's a racist and I don't mean sorta; y'all gotta fire that pig Jeff Roorda!"

Naturally no evidence is given to support the exhausted accusation of racism by radical leftists - they just hurl it about like confetti at a parade. And the RFT, a radical liberal magazine run by degenerates (you should read their classifieds) makes scurrilous accusations against Roorda. It's despicable.

But it is also despicable that the police keep allowing this to happen. We have laws on the books about blocking traffic, and yet they aren't enforced by the City and the rich white woman who managed to buy the Mayorship. In point of fact, these protests will continue until someone makes it their business to stop them. That means breaking them up as soon as they begin. Hampton Village is not public property, and the protesters had no right to invade the parking lot or block traffic. We have trespassing, disturbing the peace, jay walking, blocking traffic, and I have little doubt threatening innocent people. At one point a man tried to thread his car through the protesters and the police went after HIM rather than the scumbags causing the problems. It's an Alice in Wonderland approach.

So my wife was very late getting home and I suffered a diabetic blood sugar attack thanks to these jerks. What do they think they will accomplish with this? If I had any sympathy for them it would be over now. They no longer have a shred of claim to the moral high ground; they are just annoying people. It's time we start annoying them back.

Had I been there I would have joined the counter protesters. I certainly would have had some choice words to say to them. Somelthing like "grow up you babies!"

These are nothing but black racists, reverse discriminators who defend a career criminal simply because he was shot by a white police officer. No other reason. Then when the police stop patrolling their neighborhoods they scream racism! Which is it? Either the police do their jobs and protect black and white citizens or they stop doing it and leave the streets to the criminals. The BLM crowd doesn't know and doesn't care.

How much money has George Soros pumped into these protests?

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