June 19, 2024

Bite Me!

Thom Galb forwards this nonsense:

American Council on Science and Health

Tasty Truths: Our Purchase Decisions

A quarter or more of our environmental impact comes from our food production. Of course, the fact that we like to eat, and for many of us, that includes the great Satan of beef and dairy, makes it challenging to reconcile targeting food to reduce greenhouse gases and biodiversity losses. For some environmental activists, understanding why we purchase beef and dairy "facilitates transformation towards more sustainable consumption.” Identifying the drivers of our purchase decisions was the goal of a recent study reported in Food Quality and Preference. That information could then be used in labeling these products to nudge us toward sustainability.

"The perception of healthiness in relation to food choices, together with price, has been reported to be a more important determinant of food choices than environmental sustainability. A study in nine European countries found that price and taste tended to be more important than ethical concerns.” [emphasis added]

Tim adds:

Makes me want to go out and buy some steaks to grill on the barbeque (lit with petroleum lighter-fluid).

When I was in college back in the mid '80's I learned the Left dreamed of killing beef. Their argument ultimately rested on several premises:

a. they knew it takes a lot of grain to feed cattle and thought it immoral to feed animals to feed ourselves when there were starving children in Africa.

b. They thought Americans lived too well and wanted us to learn to live like the poor.

c. They wanted to create an international culture and making Americans eat like Chinese people would go a long way to doing this.

d. They thought beef made for "toxic masculinity" and he- men and they wanted a diet that would make men passive.

I wrote about it at American Thinker back around 2007.

The climate stuff was added later, once they were able to get the fairy tale established in people's minds.

This stems from their continued obsession with malthusian concepts promoted by Paul Ehrlicht in The Population Bomb and the Club of Rome study "limits to growth". They are fighting a battle long won by those who believe in a more optimistic future, determined to reverse that and implement draconian policies to corral the public. This is all about empowering governments, world government, international socialism, and controlling individuals. Oh, and making us do something we find revolting - eating bugs.

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Thank you for sharing this article. It's concerning to see the ongoing scrutiny and political maneuvering surrounding Matt Gaetz, and the broader implications for food choices and environmental sustainability are thought-provoking. Please click here.

Posted by: Lucie at June 20, 2024 06:58 AM (pwc7O)

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