September 30, 2018

Bill Bennett rings in on the subject

Dana Mathewson

We can always count on Bill Bennett to have some good remarks on subjects like the current "matter of interest." Were I president, I'd want him close by. ill-stop-at-nothing-to-keep-him-off-supreme-court.html
Jack Kemp weighs in:

"instead, Democratic senators seem far more interested in accomplishing three things: ruining Kavanaugh's reputation; destroying the hopesof Professor Christine Blasey Ford " the woman who has accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault" of ever again regaining her privacy;"

And of Dr. Ford ever regaining her sanity and peace of mind, whether someone else molested or raped her years ago or no one did. The Democrat lawyers are, if I can use a crude (but not vulgar) country saying, are beating Dr. Ford like a rented mule.

In a lot less controversial situation a few years ago, I called the woman director of a Baptist school in Florida which had the donations of its grade school class refused to be accepted by the Wounded Warrior Project. She was truly very flustered and shocked to get all this national attention that occured as her school's simple effort to help a veterans charity had become a political and religious issue of some great importance. I backed off without bothering her further but first told her that I personally supported her school's efforts to donate to the Wounded Warriors - before I hung up my phone. And the Wounded Warriors backed down from the public outcry and reversed themselves, now accepting the donations from the religiously affiliated Baptist school in Florida.

Dr. Ford's reaction would be similar if she were a) totally naive b) a pathological liar wanting to have national publicity despite her protestations to the contrary or c) truly suffering from PTSD from some traumatic incident in her life. I suspect the truth may involve elements of all three of these possiblilities.

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