June 25, 2021

Biden is a Clear and Present Danger to America

Timothy Birdnow

A lot of people are excusing Biden's threat to nuke Americans as an example of his dementia. I disagree. Joe Biden and his Junta are a clear and present danger to America and Americans.

Biden does not say anything his staff didn't approve. This has nothing to do with dementia. This is a direct warning to the American People.

 Biden and his friends know what they plan to do to us could well lead to revolution and they want to make it clear they will do whatever it takes to hold power "a whiff of the grape" as Napoleon said, would disperse a rebel crowd. These people will give us a whiff of atomic fallout.

Yes, they will go to those lengths to hold power.

And there was NO restrictions on owning any weapons in the early days. None. Biden is a liar.

But, but, but...all rights are restricted, they say. You can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater!"  Well, that is a whole different thing. Restrictions on speech are ONLY on the weaponized use of speech. You can't yell fire because the intent is to harm people by causing panic. Uh, you can't use a firearm with the intent of harming someone either. Nobody ever restricted laws against unlawful use of a weapon. You can't rob someone at gunpoint and think the Second Amendment protects you. It's the USE of the weapon just as it is the USE of speech that is important.

Gun grabbing is like forcibly removing words from our vocabulary, or making people wear masks to make it hard for us to be understood (oh wait, they tried that...)

The only reason to restrict guns is to restrict people's right to defend themselves. Even if it isn't fear of rebellion, it's a tool to make the public completely dependent on the authorities for their own safety. Such people will vote for bigger government as their only option.

This is all carefully planned.

If Trump had said this he would be gone by now, either through the 25th Amendment or through impeachment. But little is said of Biden.

As to having war planes and nukes, will he be able to nuke the whole citizenry? Revolutions are fought, and quite successfully, in cities and communities via guerilla warfare. His vain threat wouldn't stop a determined foe. But it is intended to show how determined these people are, and what little regard they have for the normal Americans.

Make no mistake; these are the words of a tyrant. Saddam Hussein would recognize them if he were still around. They could have been taken from his own mouth (had he had nuclear weapons.)

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1 I agree. Our only hope is that there is a sufficient number of "normal Americans" who will finally say "enough." As they are now doing in schools, pushing back at school boards who push CRT.

It would be wonderful if Normal Americans awakened and realized that we are strong. Too many of us fuss about what's going on in Washington and ignore what's going on in their own towns. THAT is where you start your fight. This is a bottom-up kind of thing.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at June 25, 2021 03:59 PM (aTfFy)

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Posted by: NatashaFlaherty at June 26, 2021 03:51 AM (3iWtq)

3 Amen Dana. And what happens (and what the Left counts on happening) is there is pushback, they pull in their horns for a time and attack at another point, and the public fever cools and everyone goes back to the way they were and the cycle starts again. The polliticians even call this "preparing the public" as if they have any right to "prepare" the public for anything. Just because they were put in office does not mean they are to tell us how to live. They are there for a specific job.

But the American People seem amazingly myopic and stretch like Plastic Man when necessary. I've seen this play out time and again. Everyone thought Reagan meant we "won the war" and we stopped fighting, for instance. The Left just patiently waited out our "temper tantrum" and began moving in social areas while we fought the political war. When Reagan was gone they resumed the political war. They are indefatigable.

Sadly the American People are not.

You are right; it's at the local level where we must wage war. Fight in the school boards, in the precincts, in state and local governments. Stop it there and they can't promote it at a national level.

We MUST take back education. That is where we are getting killed. The media comes in second, then entertainment.

But it all starts at home.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at June 26, 2021 06:35 AM (3N2ap)

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