January 25, 2019

Banana Republic Justice

Timothy Birdnow

Justice is blind, the saying goes. To make that point there is a statue of a woman with a blindfold and a scale, even. But in modern, hyper-politicized America there is little blindness to our justice; the Law has become but another tool to advance Progressive social ideas. These days Lady Justice wears a P@#$@ hat rather than a blindfold.

Case in point; St. Louis Country's longtime prosecuting attorney was a man named Bob McCulloch. In the last election McCulloch (who, upon the advice of a grand jury) did not bring criminal charges against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, lost his position to one Wesley Bell. a black attorney and former city councilman in Ferguson who received funding by George Soros and Shaun King's radical group Real (in)Justice. Soros, who realized he could use the power of the law to impose his political beliefs, began funding projects to buy Prosecuting Attorney seats to use against political enemies. He also funded Kim Gardner's successful run to take the City of St. Louis' DA's office, which she immediately used to launch a political witch hunt of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. I wrote about the shameful affair at American Thinker here.

At any rate, Bell is cut from the same cloth as Gardner, who is now under investigation by a Grand Jury for a number of criminal acts she committed during the Greitens witchhunt. According to ABC30:

A police investigation started after Greitens' defense team filed complaintsthat Gardner's investigator, a former FBI agent named William Tisaby, lied under oath during a deposition. Tisaby claimed that an early interview with Greitens' accuser, who never brought charges nor has ever been publicly identified, was not taped and no notes were taken.

Greitens' defense team also claimed that Gardner "suborned perjury", allowing Tisaby to make false statements under oath without correcting him. She has denied this.

KMOX reports that the grand jury is convened in downtown St. Louis and scheduled to continue this week.

Madam Defarge, er, Gardner who also won her election with money from George Soros) got away with the most agregeious behavior during the whole Greitens affair, from meeting illicitly with the "victim" in a motel room in Illinois to suppressing evidence, refusing to disclose crucial information, hiring a private investigator who committed perjury, ignoring direct questions from the presiding judge in the case, and a host of other criminal acts that would have gotten the case dismissed had it not been happening in the bluest of blue places in Missouri. A competent judge would have tossed Gardner, her private investigator (a former FBI agent named Tisby who did not even bother to show up for his own contempt of court hearing) in the slammer and dismissed the case. But he let it drag on until Greitens was broke and had to cut a deal - resign from office in return for charges being dropped. Gardner pulled the charges when it became clear there would be no conviction but said she would refile them. In other words, she intended to drag Greitens and Missouri through the mud indefinitely until she got him to quit.

Greitens was no choir boy in this. A former Democrat, Greitens was carrying on with his hair stylist while running for Governor and he managed to anger almost the entire Missouri GOP. Not only did he walk in from outside politics, he actually switched from Democrat to Republican (enraging Democrats, who had tried to recruit him to run on their ticket) and he had taken a high-handed approach with the legislature, forcing them to remain in session or hold special sessions and insulting them. Actually, he was right, and he did a pretty good job while he was in office, but he didn't make any friends. It was the GOP who allowed Greitens to be taken out In fact, I rather suspect they were complicit in this, just as the Establishment Republicans are complicit in trying to take out Donald Trump.

At any rate, while Gardner is facing legal jeopardy her St. Louis County counterpart is gearing up for his own attack run. He fired the prosecutors involved in the Michael Brown case on his first day in office, for example.

From Fox2 News:

Less than 24 hours after taking his oath, speaking of inclusion and the importance of the existing staff in the prosecutor’s office, Fox 2/News 11 confirmed the moves from Bell.

Two of the three prosecutors said they were blindsided when they came into work Wednesday. They were unable to log onto their computers to start their day.

Prosecutor Kathi Alizadeh said Bell gave her a two-page letter explaining the reasons for her termination. She did not discuss the contents of that letter and told reporters she would consult with her own attorney.

Ironically, Alizadeh told Fox 2/News 11 she shook bumped into Bell, shook his hand, and introduced herself minutes before she received a termination letter.

End excerpt.

Bell is planning to bring indictments against Officer Daren Wilson despite the Grand Jury findings and a host of forensic evidence and witness evidence that exonerated Wilson at the time. He is doing this solely to promote the agenda of his party and his Progressive paymasters. He and his ilk want two standards of justice - one for protected classes and another for those they consider "oppressors".

Consider; Geoge Soros funded the Ferguson riots, to the tune of 33 million dollars. What happened in Ferguson would have been a minor incident had not political money poured in to foment rioting and bus in professional agitators. I went to the protests the day after the shooting and it was full of professionals, Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, and a host of other people with no connection to the community. There were people connected to the community, make no mistake, most of whom showed up because the media dutifully reported "hands up! Don't shoot!" as a fact when it was a lie. But the real trouble was ginned up by the media and the influx of rabble-rousers. It was a giant fake news event.

Consider that the Democrats have used bogus prosecutions in the past. There was the matter of Tom Delay, a very effective Repubican leader charged by a left-wing Democrat (but I speak redundantly) with false accusations. This led Delay to give up his leadership position and eventually retire from Congress. Consider Ted Stevens in Alaska; charged with a politically-motivated accusation of corruption, Stevens lost his re-election bid and then went to trial, where charges were dismissed almost immediately by the jury and the prosecution was reamed out by the judge for blatant abuses such as withholding evidence. Many of these prosecutors are now involved with the Mueller probe.

And what of Dinesh D'Souza? The conservative political writer went to prison over an overly generous donation to a persomal friend running for office. People don't go to jail for that; at most they get a fine. But the Obama DOJ sent D'Souza to the slammer for months to silence the BHO's critics.

There are many more examples I could cite, but you get the idea. The fact is the Progressive Left is turning American Justice into just another political tool.

A free nation does not use law to punish political enemies. That we are seeing this happen, the abuse of the Law to promote ideological change and punish opponents, is not just disturbing but seriously dangerous. America is starting to resemble Stalinist Russia or the early days of the Third Reich. And it' isn't Trump and the GOP doing it.

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