July 28, 2022


Timothy Birdnow

The Big Bang May Have Created A 'Mirror Universe', Where Time Runs Backwards

So if you have to use the toilet does that mean your excreta leaps up and goes into your body? And you wipe with dirty toilet paper? It's a logical fallacy.

In point of fact the Big Bang is where time began and to say it created a mirror universe where time runs backward is not logical. How do you go backwards from nothing?

It may be it created a mirror universe where the speed of light is the slowest any particle could go - a universe of tachyons. But reverse time?

I can't help but think of the episode of Red Dwarf "backwards" They didn't have a bar fight but a bar tidy. And in a few decades Hitler and the Wehrmacht were going to retreat across Europe, putting everything together...

This is clearly a mathematical artifact. Time can't move backwards. It may be possible something can move backwards in time, but not time itself.

In fact, the reasoning employed by the creators of the theory itself, who argue entropy is the measure of time (which is logical) but then argue for a decrease of entropy beyond zero state. How can that happen? It can't. Entropy starts at zero and increases to 100%, but it can't go below zero.

In another article on the matter we are told:

We’ll let the Scientific American explain further: "Along each of the two temporal paths, gravity then pulls the particles into larger, more ordered and complex structures — the model’s equivalent of galaxy clusters, stars and planetary systems. From there, the standard thermodynamic passage of time can manifest and unfold on each of the two divergent paths.

"In other words, the model has one past but two futures.”

According to the fundamental laws of physics, if time’s arrow moves in two directions, observers are only capable of experiencing one. But this new theory could throw all of that out the window.

"This two-futures situation would exhibit a single, chaotic past in both directions, meaning that there would be essentially two universes, one on either side of this central state,” Barbour says. "If they were complicated enough, both sides could sustain observers who would perceive time going in opposite directions.

"Any intelligent beings there would define their arrow of time as moving away from this central state. They would think we now live in their deepest past.”

So how do you exist with all the chemical and atomic processes reversed? Do you feed yourself by doing work and then spit out food which turns into plants and animals?

Do the cells of your body eject glucose?

Are stars bitterly cold objects absorbing energy from a hot interstellar space?

Science has become so enamored of novelty and new ideas it has lost touch with any sort of grounding in reality. It no longer applies even basic reason or common sense any longer. It has become fantasism.

This is what happens when you reject Reason and instead adopt pure objectivism and inductive reasoning (and ignores deductive reasoning.) It's a common computer problem; computers wind up with ridiculous results all the time because they start with the data given them and then proceed without any sort of reasonable restraint. It's what has given us global warming catastrophism, for instance.

Now, it IS possible that there is a mirror universe (many scientists believe in the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum physics which says a new universe is formed whenever there is a choice between a and b) and perhaps their reasoning is sound and it is a "backwards" universe, but what would that really mean? There is the theory of tachyons, which are particles that move faster than light. Relativity says nothing can accelerate to a speed faster than light; in fact, the mass of such an object would increase until it was more massive than the entire universe and thus could not accelerate to lightspeed. But a particle already moving faster than light could remain moving faster than light. So it is possible there is a universe of tachyons. It would take infinite energy to slow them down to lightspeed.

That may be the alternate universe they postulate. There could be no life in such a place. Nor any sort of matter. It wouuld be a universe of infinitely fast moving virtual quanta.

Perhaps entropy in such a place would slow these particles down until they almost dropped to lightspeed?

In fact the whole idea of that is even hard to swallow. And how do you measure time in a universe of infinite speed? You can't. And without being able to measure time you cannot say time is moving in any direction at all.

I think this theory is a case of scientists being entirely too clever for their own good. And it is an example of how not to apply mathematics to a system we don''t understand and in which our mathematics may not even work.

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1 I would say that the idea that "time moves backwards" is not wrong so much as it is simply meaningless. Time is a measurement, not a thing.

Posted by: Bill H at July 28, 2022 11:27 AM (Q7br2)

2 Well said Bill! I blathered on for paragraphs and you summed it up perfectly!

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at July 29, 2022 08:11 AM (UyNTg)

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