January 26, 2018

Astonishing Myopia on DACA Amnesty at American Thinker

Timothy Birdnow

I generally greatly admire Monica Showalter's writing at American Thinker, but she sure had a clunker here. Monica is arguing that Trump has outflanked the Democrats and other liberal amnetizers on the DACA issue, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. Her argument is a monument to wishful thinking.

She starts out: "For one thing, it's bigger than anything the Democrats have laid out - citizenship for 1.8 million DACA and wannabe DACA recipients after a dozen years, which is about the same time as the immigration line for a green card, meaning it doesn't stiff those waiting legally. Democrats must feel like they have been playing smallball compared to this, and of course Republicans will benefit at least slightly. Trump has taken the lead and stolen their thunder."

End excerpt.

So by giving the Democrats more than they thought to try to steal themselves Trump has somehow stolen their thunder? Maybe, but wars are lost on such victories. And the assumption is that they are going to win in the end so we might as well try to take the credit for what they will eventually do. That's a loser's game.

Monica continues: by quoting radio talk show host Bill Mitchell:

"Remember, Trump's broader stated goal is "merit-based" immigration. His new "DACA deal" is just that. He brings the illegals out of the shadows by registering them. They screw up once, they're gone. He just added a "merit-based" filter to illegal immigration. Smart.
— Bill Mitchell


First, this "out of the shadows" business is nonsense, as the Dreamers were already part of a government program and were registered. It does nothing of the sort. And as part of the DACA program these "kids" have been subject to the very same standards that will continue. Merit based immigraation will not be applied to them, I absollutely assure you, because they will be covered under this program. There will be no deportations, especially if a Democrat or Establishment Republican is in office. And why does Mitchell think there is now a "merit based" filter? These people aren't going to suddenly change. If they don't have college degrees now they are not going to suddenly get them. We gain nothing by amnetizing them.


A path to citizenship under Trump's plan would take 12 long years. During that time, "Dreamers" must be PERFECT or they get deported. In the end, the only ones left to achieve citizenship are here on "merit" and will likely vote Republican because they will be prosperous.
— Bill Mitchell

pERFECT MY A', ER, EYE! hOW MUCH DOES ANYONE WANT TO WAGER? We don't deport illegal aliens who break the law now; does Mitchell and Monica really think that's going to change? All we are doing is giving these people more justifications to employ if they get in trouble.

And what will we use to define merit? Is merit going to consist of attending college on the U.S. taxpayer? Is it going to be working at an unskilled labor job? The whole idea of merit immigration is to obtain skills we need for our economy, skills we are lacking in the general pool of American workers. (I personally think that's a cop-out too as we can always TRAIN American workers). A DREAMER ditch digger is hardly a merit-based immigrant.

Monica herself states:

"It's almost a given that most won't make it to the twelve-year finish line without getting into a bar fight, getting caught graffiti-spraying, or be picked up for drunk driving. The only ones who make it will be those with a work ethic and family values. Those actually are the ones who could become Republicans in the long run."

End excerpt.

This is an astonishingly miopic paragraph. At the end of twelve years ALL of the DREAMMERS will be there - or nearly all. The bureacracy is overwhelmingly liberal, and if it won't kick illegals out why would it kick out those given legal status? Especially when there is so much pressure to keep them. Even if the official policy of future administrations is strict enforcement the Sanctuary Cities, states like California and Illinois, will shelter these people and will fail to report transgressions. Monica has to know how this stuff works.

Then there is this:

"Trump knows this. Democrats don't. They believe their own propaganda about all DREAMers being valedictorians."

End excerpt.


he has to know how naive this statement really is. The Democrats know these people are not valedictorians, otherwise they wouldn't want them. They don't need smart people, people who will think for themseolves and not avail themselves of the welfare system. They need dependents, automatons who will be a solid voting block. That is the very reason why they were willing to shut down the government and face the real anger of Middle America for them; they knew it was a danger, but the payout is so huge that they had to risk it. It's not about getting good people but about getting Latin American socialism here. If you want to be the party of socialism it helps to have socialists as the electorate.

She does admit this strategy is fraught with peril, that future administrations can undo any requirements, but dismisses it thusly:

"But it's a gamble a lot of us can live with. It also has political advantages. Trump can be the champion of DACA, not Nancy Pelosi, and then where would Democrats be? He'd have stolen their thunder."

End excerpt.

Doesn't Monica remember the Reagan amnesty? Republicans lost votes in the next election despite Reagan championing them. There will be no gratitude. The average DACA recipient will vote based on who promises them the most in the next election and not on what Trump did for them. And of course the champions of DACA and all immigrants are decidedly leftist groups - La Raza, for example. They will tell them the Democrats gave it to them, not Trump. It is much like an argument I once had online with a young black fellow who insisted the Republicans tried to fill Kansas with pro-slavery people to make it a slave state prior to the Civiil War. How do you argue with such stupidity? This fellow believed it, even though the Repubolican Party was the antipslavery party and not formed until 1856 anyway. These DACA types, educated in American public schools by partisan Democratic members of the NEA, will never believe Trump was the guy who let them stay.

It will be seen by them as a matter of their people forcing Trump's hand. A great many black Americans think the Civil Rights Act was either done by the Democrats or was forced by the power of the black struggle, rather than it being a Republican initiative supported by many white people who made it possible. They believe it, and the DACA people will believe the Democrats let them stay.

She again quotes Mitchell

Democrats do not want amnesty for DACA recipients. They want #IdentityPolitics as a campaign issue for 11/18. Trump gets that and is denying them what they really want. Think strategic. #RedTsunami2018.
— Bill Mitchell

Mitchell can't see the forest for the trees, and apparently neither can Monica here. Having this as a temporary campaign issue is fine, but they are not looking at the next election cycle so much as the whole ball game. Getting a DACA amnesty will give them everything their hearts desire. They want to build a machine that gives them perpetual power. When they threw everything into the election of 2000 and came up short they devised this plan (it was actually something they were working on anyway, but they doubled down on it) and began implementing it in earnest with the help of George W. Bush and the Establishment Republicans. Now they are reaching the point of fruition, and if Trump gives an amnesty here the Democrats will own America for another fifty years or better (should it survive, which is doubtful). This very much IS about an amnesty, because that will give eternal political power to the Progressives.

Mitchell thinks that this deal will alienate the lunatice base of the Democrats. It will some, for certain, but this is the long con here. Promises of border security and walls are just promises, after all, and they even fooled Ronald Reagan. Democrats are not to be trusted.

And yes, Monica, I DO think Trump would betray us. He's done so repeatedly, whether it is the promise to drain the swamp (he filled his administration with swamp rats from government, Goldman Sachs, and the rest) or "lock her up" or any number of other promises he has made. We have to keep Mr. Trump's feet to the fire; he tends to get wrapped up with his liberal daughter and son-in-law in his cocoon. He may mean well, but I fear his memory is short.

his is THE seminal issue of our time. If we allow any amnesty of any sort we will fundamentally alter the character of our nation and hand the Democrats eternal political power, making it impossible to save the country. Our backs are against the wall. The DReamers need to go.

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