January 28, 2024


Beverly McCaul Goff

It’s exhausting having to watch every bad idea & freedom killing venture this regime is involved in through its various agencies & bureaucracies! When the SEC withdrew listing NAC’s on the exchange we knew they were going to try to find a back door to doing it some other way! Just like every bad, freedom killing, unwanted policy these Marxists have implemented in the last 3 years we need to be vigilant about agencies restricting use of public lands for grazing, mining & camping to prevent the 30 by 30 or 50 by 50 U.N. great reset plan of taking 30% of lands out of use by 2030 & 50% by 2050! That’s 30% of all land in America not just public lands! And 50% of the country by 2050! There are so many people in so many agencies in the government working on whittling away freedoms and with 50,000 more employees being added to the government every couple months they’re like cockroaches crawling over every rule & every law to work towards their insane agenda!

Backlash nixing SEC creating ‘natural asset companies’ succeeded, but some warn concept is not dead

Tim adds:

Fighting the Left is like fighting the Blob from the old movie; they just envelope their opponenets. They never fight you fair and just give up when fairly defeated. They plan sneaky, underhanded ways to get what they want even when it's obvious the public doesn't want it. "The public wasn't properly prepared" they say. But who are THEY to "prepare" the public? What makes their view correct when the view of the majority is not?

These are the folks who would knife you in the back. They would make great Mafia hitmen.

Athens had a law that if you proposed a law for a third time and it failed you would be put to death. The thinking was you were trying to thwart the will of the People. Nobody proposed a law for the third time unless it was absolutely obvious it would pass.

We need that now.

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Tongue Tied and Twisted

Timothy Birdnow

I caught Loose Nikkers Haley on Meet the Press. As usual she sounded over-eager and earnest and, well, like a high school overachiever trying to impress a college admissions board.

The moderator asked Haley why she opposed giving Joe Biden more money to secure the border.She hemmed and hawed and really didn't give much of an answer.

I don't know why this is so difficult for the GOP to articulate. It's easy and I thought of this reply immediately:

Joe Biden inhereted a reasonably secure border, a border which only became unsecure when he overturned the Trump-era policies in place. President Biden could end the border crisis without another dime from Congress with the stroke of a pen; it is his POLICIES that are the problem, not a lack of money. If Mr. Biden were even remotely serious about this he would first issue executive orders that would restore the policies he changed, such as remain in Mexico.

He has given nobody reason to think he'll actually follow through. This is a request for money now with the promise of securing the border later. What we believe is he will simply use this money to move these people into the center of the country rather than to keep them out.

Mr. Biden could do any number of things. He could advertise in Central America that they are not welcome and will be turned back. He could threaten to cut off the tax-exempt status of NGO's organizing these caravans and supplying them with food and clothes and other aid. He could threaten to withhold aid and boycott businesses of Mexico and Central American countries and any other country sending substantial numbers of aliens (like China). All of this could be done for little to no money. And he could ship those seeking asylum who say they are unsafe to a secure location outside the U.S. - like Guantanamo. Jimmy Carter did that.

Joe Biden can stop this any time he wants. But he clearly doesn't wish to do so.

Once the money is given it can't be taken away.

Furthermore, why should the GOP help Joe Biden in his quest for four more years of open borders? Biden waited until a year before the elections, and is only now acting because he's being clobbered in the polls over this issue. Why should we help hin with OPTICS, which is all he'll give us anyway. If there were any credible reason to believe Biden was serious we'd be passing a bill tomorrow. But it's clear Mr. Biden is only doing this under duress, and all he's going to do is make a show of securing the border.

IfJoe Biden were serious about this he would not have gone to court against Texas for their efforts to secure the border. He says he doesn't have enough money, yet here we had Texas spending their own money and he dragged them into court at the expense of taxpayers both across America and in Texas to stop them from doing the job Washington JUst Won't Do.

So President Biden sends Federal Agents to cut down fences and sink floating barricades and then has the nerve to attack Republicans for killing a deal to give him more money. He could have gotten his border security on the cheap if he really wanted it.


At any rate that's how I would have answered it,but of course Haley mumbled her way through a fairly incoherent answer.

This isn't that hard. But Haley is obligated to straddle the fence here because she took a lot of money from the big money RINO donors and can ill-afford to cheese them off. They want this as much as do the Democrats.

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Mooch on the Run

Murray Stewart

We all knew this is what was going to happen.
They have too much corruption to protect so they need to pull out all stops, even if it does raise the possibility of destroying Michelle Obamas legacy.

Unlike Biden she at least has a chance to beat Trump.

This is really going to be a pivotal moment in the history of the world.


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January 27, 2024

Love Potion #9

Timothy Birdnow

Love potion #9!

Unlocking the Secrets of Love – Neuroscientists Have Identified the "Chemical Imprint of Desire”

While I take this with a grain of salt it does open up some fascinating ethical questions.

In theory then it may be possible to create a love potion that really works. What then? Will it be a crime to use it on someone who isn't interested in you? What would you charge such a person with? And if so how do you get the victim to prosecute?

While all the scientists did was find a flood of dopamine when with someone we love, and it seems unlikely we could create a love potion as such, it does bring up interesting possibilities. For instance, it is well-known that love fades over time. What of the married couple that loves each-other but wants to go back to the excitement and joy of their early days? Could they take a pill, or give themselves shots, to fall back in love?

And what happens when such a couple die from heart attacks because they are going at it like horny teenagers night and day? Can the manufacturer be sued?

It present multiple fascinating prospects.

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Who'll Stop the Rain?

Timothy Birdnow

The core of all Climate Change theory is that increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide will raise planetary temperatures to a point where more water will evaporate into the atmosphere. Water vapor is the Earth's primary greenhouse gas. This will then lead to more carbon dioxide, more water vapor, and eventually the permafrost will melt, releasing methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

That was and is the theory. Twenty years ago scientists confidently states we were facing a warmer, wetter world with more volatile weather.

So what happened?

Desert regions, which should be moister by now, are every bit as dry as always.


"A recent study finds that atmospheric moisture in arid and semi-arid regions is not rising as predicted with global warming, posing new challenges for climate science and raising concerns about heightened risks of wildfires and extreme weather."

In fact atmospheric water vapor is not rising ANYWHERE as predicted.

This absolutely guts the whole theory.

And if atmospheric water vapor isn't rising there is no reason, zero, to panic about rising carbon dioxide levels - which still compromise just 0.04% of all atmospheric gas (4 molecules out of every ten thousand of air) and of that less than one can even possibly be attributed to human activity (if that).

so we are supposed to overturn our whole civilization based on THAT!

There is every reason to believe the planetary warming observed - about two whole degrees in a hundred years - is caused by a variety of factors, including land-use changes, cosmic rays, tidal pumping, changes in the wavelength of light put out by the sun, and by just shoddy scientific research See www.surfacestations.org.

As a doomsday theory this thing is dying on the vine. But as a political movement it is alive and well and pushing forward with it's anti-humanist agenda and it's war on free markets and human freedom.

So don't expect to see this on the NBC nightly news, or to hear about it from any politician.

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Red is the New Green

Timothy Birdnow

If anyone needs proof that the Climate Change issue is about internationalism and imposing socialism just read this.

"In addition to charting a possible new course for society, the researchers say their "paradigm shifting” plan can support climate modeling and discussion by providing a set of actions that strongly emphasize social and economic justice as well as environmental sustainability.

Oregon State’s William Ripple, former OSU postdoctoral researcher Christopher Wolf, and collaborators argue their scenario should be included in climate models along with the five "shared socioeconomic pathways,” or SSPs, that are used by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

"We understand that our proposed scenario may be a major challenge to implement given current trends in emissions, a lack of political will, and widespread social denial, but its merits can’t even be honestly debated if it’s not included in the suite of options,” said Ripple, distinguished professor of ecology in the OSU College of Forestry. "We’re arguing for radical incrementalism: achieving massive change through small, short-term steps. And we’re offering a much-needed contrast to many other climate scenarios, which may be more aligned with the status quo, which isn’t working.”'

I wonder; who asked them to impose their vision on the rest of us? I certainly did not.

I like my civilization they way it is thank you.
This shows plainly that the goal is Communism, nothing less.

Why did Environmental Research Letters publish this?

This makes it even more plain:

"The income share variable extends back to 1820 and shows how the top 10% have consistently received at least 50% of all income, illustrating global economic inequality over the long term,” Ripple said. "The restorative pathway would represent a more equitable and resilient world with a focus on nature preservation as a natural climate solution; societal well-being and quality of life; equality and high levels of education for girls and women, resulting in low fertility rates and higher standards of living; and a rapid transition toward renewable energy.”

The top ten percent received 50% of all income (if indeed this stat is true, which I doubt) because they MADE the wealth, you dope! Without wealth inequality there is no wealth. Socialist states always become impoverished.

"Unlike some of the current shared socioeconomic pathways, the restorative pathway does not rely on the development of carbon capture technologies, nor does it assume continued economic growth as the SSPs do.

"By prioritizing large-scale societal change, our proposed pathway could limit warming much more effectively than pathways that support rising resource consumption by wealthy nations,” Ripple said. "We aim to bend the curves on a wide range of planetary vital signs with a holistic vision for addressing climate change, biodiversity loss, and socioeconomic injustice. Our work presents a case for how humanity can embark on the journey of saving the world from these environmental and social crises.”

Now how is that to be done? By restricting economic activity. It means less energy usage. It means more regulations, and fewer consumer goods. In other words it means POVERTY but it will be spreaed around to everyone so there!

This is what Climate Change was always about.

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Third World America

"Nationwide public health crisis as we head to the polls

Tuberculosis (TB), an airborne bacterial infection, has now been confirmed in every neighborhood in New York City, with 88% of cases in people born outside the US. Florida has seen a 21% increase in TB since Biden was elected. Texas border counties have triple the national average rate for TB.

But the list doesn’t stop there:

Chickenpox outbreaks have ripped through migrant shelters in multiple states.
Measles, declared eliminated in the U.S. back in 2000, has been brought back to the U.S.
Malaria was reported by a Maryland resident who contracted it from an individual infected while outside the U.S.
Leprosy is now endemic in the southeast United States. The CDC traced the source to – you guessed it – "international migration of persons with the disease.”(3)

And that’s just the beginning. Migrant-borne illnesses are transmissible and already spiking nationwide."

Todd Starns

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Never Forget

HopeSusan JerseyCity

Today is Int'l Holocaust Remembrance Day.
I have been commemorating it since I was (almost) 18 years old, after I returned from my very 1st visit to Israel, where I had met a number of survivors with tattoos on their arms & horrible tales of genocide.
I have always posted at least 6 individual posts, to represent the 6 million Jewish lives that were horribly exterminated.
Please take time out today to remember those whose lives were extinguished, who were tortured before they were put to death, all because of their only crime: being born to a Jewish Mother, or being the product of at least 1 Jewish grandparent.
This year Holocaust Remembrance is especially difficult, since October 7th. We Members of the Tribe mistakenly thought that "never again" really meant "never". Now we understand that such is (obviously) not the case.
Teach your children well. The World needs to know.

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The Ugly Truth

The fact that Nikki is pressing ahead exposes the ugly underbelly of this race: there’s no way she can defeat Trump through the front door, so her donor puppet masters are propping her up long enough while plotting to eliminate Trump from the ballot. It’s ugly. But it’s the TRUTH."

Vivek Ramaswamy

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Miscarriage of Justice

Murray Stewart

The simple facts are that, especially in Democrat controlled New York, that progressives hate Trump so much there is no fair trial there.

The fact that she claimed he raped her. That was the foundation of her case. Trump denies evening knowing her. The jury finds him not guilty of rape, but guilty of sexual assault? How does that work. It’s the same testimony. Either she is telling the truth or she is lying. You can’t have it both ways.

However there was no external evidence, only her testimony.

But their hatred for Trump needed them to at least find him guilty of something so they could interfere with the 2024 election.

They don’t care if it gets overturned on appeal. The damage is done by then. This is entirely about the 2024 election. That’s why they could continually administer miscarriages of justices and not allow Trumo to make the available arguments in his defence, especially presenting very relevant evidence of Carrol’s sexually consumed mind and lifestyle.

Just add it on as another weaponisation of the legal system against the front runner for the 2024 presidency.

"It cannot be stressed enough.

— She alleged a rape in a public place 30 years ago but provided no evidence

— Her story was remarkably similar to a plot line of a show she binge watched

— The dress she claimed to be wearing hadn’t even been designed at that point

— She’s sex obsessed and continues to talk about how "sexy” rape is

— Her case was thought up by George Conway at Molly Jong Fast’s house party

— Her case was funded by Democrat Jeff Epstein buddy Reid Hoffman who also backed Nikki Haley

— Her "reputation expert” admitted to having no experience in reputation repair during cross examination. She was also found to be a Democrat donor

And honestly? That’s just scratching the surface of this debacle.”

Tim adds:

And this will suck a huge amount of money out of Trump's war chest,money he could use to campaign. It was and is a disgraceful display of hyper-partisanship and the subversion of law. All to continue obakma's "work of remaking America" which Trump interrupted and theatens to interrrupt.

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AI Well Heeled

Carlos Velazquez

This is a bit of welcome news especially for those who focus on just the negative aspects of technology. Quoting:

"ChatGPT and similar machine learning-based technologies are on the rise. However, even the most advanced algorithms face limitations. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have made a groundbreaking discovery, mathematically demonstrating that, beyond basic problems, it’s impossible to develop AI algorithms that are always stable. This research could pave the way for improved testing protocols for algorithms, highlighting the inherent differences between machine processing and human intelligence."

Summarizing the article: the human brain, surely from daily experiences except when sleeping, learns continually, what they call "training", and learns to filter out noise and quite often correctly perceives garbled messages and images. Something AI cannot do as well and which these researchers say is mathematically impossible to achieve.

However, it's not all good news. An "unstable " AI can do harm especially if it misperceives reality and acts wrongly as a result.

AI’s Achilles Heel: New Research Pinpoints Fundamental Weaknesses

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January 26, 2024

Tumor to Tomb

Timothy Birdnow

Enlightened, enraptured, embalmed...

Exclusive: 70% of Embalmers Report Finding Strange Blood Clots Beginning in Mid-2021

They don't call it the "clot shot" for nothing!


In a recent survey of 269 embalmers across four major countries and three continents, more than 70% reported finding strange fibrous white blood clots in significant percentages of corpses in 2023 — clots they were not finding pre-pandemic.

A similar survey conducted in late 2022 revealed that 66% of embalmers began finding the unusual clots in mid-2021, suggesting a temporal link to the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, which began earlier that year.

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Georgia to Ban Dominion arCodes on Ballots

Timothy Birdnow

Too little too late.

Georgia lawmakers consider bills to remove computer codes from ballots

This will NOT come in time for the 2024 election.

I find it interesting they waited this long, knowing Trump would probably wind up being the Republican candidate.

Kemp, Rothensberger, and other top Georgia Republicans appear to want another stolen election as long as the name on the ballot is Trump.

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Missouri Mish Mash

Timothy Birdnow

I could have written this - or my brother Brian could have, if not I. Missouri's GOP is a pathetic bunch of shadows and cornpone poliicians.They hold a supermajority and can't pass so much as a simple tax cut.

This is the state that allowd Kim Gardner, prosecutor here in St. Louis, to railroad the Republican Governor Eric Greitens. Why? Because Greitens wanted to make it illegal to work as a lobbyist immediately after leaving the legislature.

BTW Bill Eigel is a very good man. And Tim Jones, House Speaker, is pretty good too. But the RINO wing is powerful in the Legislature and they have kept Missouri from passing solid legislation. Oh, and our Governor, the Honorable Mike Parsons, is a week-kneed spineless wimp.

Missouri was purple until recently and really still is except for a Republican supermajority. But the Democrats may as well hold almost half the seats given the pucillanimous nature of the GOP here.

So Eigel has been stripped of his parking space and booted off his committees by the Pro-tem Caleb Rowden for filibustering a motion to table a bill that would make it harder for a referendum to alter the Missouri Constitution (it now requires just 50% of a popular vote). Four other Freedom Caucus members were likewise treated. Eigel now must park in St. James or Rolla,I imagine.Maybe if he gets lucky he'll find a space available nar Owensville...

Eigel is running for Governor, I might add. I suspect this little detail is part of why Rowden took these steps; he doesn't want Eigel to win the Republican nomination.

Who will rid us of these meddlesome RINO's?

Missouri is often called America's bellweather in terms of politics. If what is happening is any indication the RINO class is going to fight tooth-and-nail to seize control of the GOP, and will take a dive if they can't.

This is going to be a wild 11 months!

On the old Rocky and Bullwinkle there was a long episode where Boris Badanov was running around barefoot in bib overalls in the Missouri Ozarks as he plotted to "Keel Moose and Squirrel". The Missouri legislature reminds me of that! (The episode was called Missouri Mish-Mash.)

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Rally 'Round the LoneStar

This courtesy of Jerry Rainforth:

A convoy of trucks, cars and recreational vehicles is heading to the border for a series of rallies from California to Eagle Pass, Texas.

Noel Roberts, of Take Our Border Back, said the rallies are peaceful protests meant to send a message to lawmakers that Americans are fed up with the illegal alien invasion.

Todd Starnes

Tim adds:

Beware! I can see the Feds showing up, engaging the protesters, and then claiming another "insurrection".

The media will find ways to show these are violent acts of terrorism and hatred for poor refugees. When the media gets done with it the border will look like a Nazi rally.

Diane Kimura adds:
May be an image of map and text that says 'WA OR MT MN WY SD ME WI CA UT NY co PA KS MO AZ DE NM KY OK MD DC AR NC SC HI'

So far these are the states that are standing with Texas to defend our border.

Tim replies:

I notice Arizona is not in red. That's what happens when you try to straddle the fence as the Arizona GOP has done for a long time. McCainism did that to the home of Barry Goldwater.

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Sneaky Dem Frackers

This from Bob Clasen:

"The "sneaky fracker strategy" for mating is a term coined by evolutionary biologist John Maynard Smith. It describes a mating strategy where subordinate males, who have no chance of accessing females via traditional routes such as fighting or signalling their prowess, attempt more deceptive means of getting a mate.

This strategy has been observed in various species, including deer and gorillas. Instead of directly competing with dominant males, sneaky frackers wait for opportunities to mate when the dominant male is otherwise occupied. This can lead to reproductive success for the sneaky fracker, as they are able to mate with females without having to engage in potentially dangerous or resource-intensive competition.

In humans, the sneaky fracker strategy might manifest as a man using deception, manipulation, or other underhanded tactics to gain access to a woman who would otherwise be out of his league or unavailable.

"Male Social Justice Warriors as Sneaky Frackers. In their infinite desire to appear empathetic, compassionate, and sensitive, many male SJWs are pursuing a duplicitous mating strategy that has been documented in the zoological literature as the sneaky fracker strategy. Among Homo sapiens, especially on university campuses, this is the guy who is the most ostentatiously kind and progressive because he thinks it might give him a better shot with a pretty girl.” (Gad Saad)

Tim adds:

Bingo! That nails the modern Left and the Democrats perfectly! It explains why Joe Biden is always so handsy with little girls and the like too.

Daniel Holtrop adds:

I wonder if they do get relationships, do they last longer or shorter. I found a couple of articles ... the first seems to indicate that GOP relationships are longer lasting, deeper, and more satisfying. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8266382/

While the second article seemed to say the same but negatively: Dem relationships are shorter and less committed and less satisfying. Which I would expect if folks are holding out for the govt to provide for them and be their husband. https://ifstudies.org/blog/political-party-and-relationship-quality

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Good for the Soul

Chester McAteer

Our society, from the government down, appears to be subjected to deferred judgment; agreed with, acquiesced to and offended by the slightest point of truth or factual information, who can flourish under such a daily diet of complacency of thoughts and mental mendacity?

Character is not built through complacency but adversity, efforts thwarted and exercised, through opposition and ideas, through free expression and even free thinking. It fortifies your character, elasticates the spirit and makes it more pliant and extricates rigidity of thought.

Tim adds:

Amen. Success and prosperity can be terrible things. People stop facing hardships and wind up spoiled, entitled brats (like now). Suffering is indeed good for the soul.

I would add God warned the Israelites in the Bible about the dangers of prosperity they were facing when they first entered the Holy Land. Theyb didn't listen, as indeed few do.

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Timothy Birdnow

So what exactly IS good about electric vehicles?

Florida Drivers Discover Hard Truth About EVs: They Eat Tires

Time these toy cars are retired!

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GOP Mad About Trump Wrecking Immigration Scam

Timothy Birdnow

You have GOT to be kidding me!

GOP senators seethe as Trump blows up delicate immigration compromise | CNN Politics

This deal a.let Biden off the hook and b.screwed America by offering unlimited work visas and green cards for everyone. McConnell basically gave the store away with this and got nothing in return but PROMISES by Biden to do better.

Somebody needed to blow this thing up. Thank God for Trump!

The GOP Establishment has always wanted "comprehensive immigration reform" aka amnesty for illegals. It's been this way  since the Reagan era (and he gave it to them with the promise of an  end to illegal immigration and all they did was give us more.) The RINO wing wants this to continue.

Why? Cheap labor, certainly but there's more. They want a more compliant America, an America that will let them run things. That at least is what Fredo Arias-King, aid to former Mexican President Vicente' Fox, believed. He gleaned that from conversations with Republicans who were eager for more immigrants. He concluded they wanted more because they hated having to answer to the public and figured Latin Americans would stay out of the political process (as they often do in that part of the world) and let them run things.

It's been a decades long  problem in the GOP. Remember the Gang of Eight, which included Conservative Senator Marco Rubio? Rubio ended any hope he had of running for President by advocating "comprehensive immigration reform" and joining such luminaries as Chuck Schumer, John McCain, Dick Durbin, Jeff Flake, etc.

And now Mitch McConnell, who once opposed their bill, is basically trying to shove a revamped Gang of Eight scheme down America's throats when we weren't looking.

With friends like these...

We do not need more laws. We do not need more money. We need simply to enforce the laws on the books and reinstate the Trump policies of keeping asylum seekers outside the country until they are approved. Oh, and we need to go after the NGO's and others who are recruiting and aiding these big caravans. Catholic  Charities, for instance, should have their tax exempt status pulled.

This isn't hard. It just takes wanting to do it. Our political class has no interest in THAT it seems. And they hate Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis and others for actually adhering to their oaths of office.

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Harris Thinks Green Cards Will Solve the Border Crisis

Timothy Birdnow

Kakula is a kook!

Kamala Harris calls for 'pathway to citizenship' to end border crisis

Has she never fed birds in the park, or seen it done? Starts out with just one and as you toss out bread the numbers grow until you have a whole flock.

We've been feeding the flock all along which is why we now have a flood. How are green cards going to do anything to slow the gathering? It's just more bread.

I think she knows this full well. She is telling us exactly what the Democrats are thinking on this issue. More, more, more so America shrinks under  the flood

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